Code Enforcement Solutions

Citizenserve code enforcement software completely automates the process of opening cases, scheduling inspections, recording violations and coordinating resolutions. Property ownership, inspection results, photos, notices, violations and notes become an electronic record of each case. When your job takes you in the field, citizenserve is a fully mobile solution that gives you complete remote access to your code enforcement data.

Citizenserve code enforcement software increases efficiency giving your inspectors more time to spend out in the field with your citizens. Because the safety of your inspectors is a top priority, citizenserve provides you the ability to put an alert on a property or a person. This gives you the capability to flag potential dangerous situations so your inspectors are aware of the dangers before approaching a property. The property history feature gives you a historical view of everything that is currently happening or has happened in the past for any property. With mapping capabilities you will have the ability to view your cases, inspections or violations on a geographical map.

  • Automatic address verification and import of property ownership information
  • Instant display of property alerts or prior complaints or violations on the property
  • Default inspections to the current date, tomorrow or a future date
  • Inspectors are notified immediately and can access new inspections in the field
  • Automatic reminders of inspections due
  • Unlimited note entry
  • Add additional contacts as needed with no limits on the number of contacts added
  • Attach an unlimited number of photos
  • Select violation by ordinance or by description
  • Add an unlimited number of violations to your cases
  • Violation notices can print full violation ordinance text if desired
  • Individual status tracking for each violation
  • Attach an unlimited number of photos to you case
  • Show photo thumbnails on search pages if desired
  • Photos can be included in violation notices or other letters
  • Ability to print all photos, or selected photos, on the file at once
  • Attach other document types such as video, audio, e-mail, word document, spreadsheet etc.
  • Generate Notice of Violations, Hearing Notification, Citations, Lien Notices or any other document based on your templates
  • Create an unlimited number of letter or notice templates
  • Notices are permanently attached to the file and can only be modified or deleted by authorized users
  • Access to unlimited custom reports that our staff will create based on your needs
  • Export your report to Excel or PDF
  • Create custom report layouts or list views
  • Create your own custom reports that can be shared with other users
  • Create custom metrics viewable from your citizenserve dashboard