Permitting Solutions

Citizenserve permitting software automates and simplifies the permit application, review, resubmittal, approval and inspection process. Route applications for review, upload plans and other documents, create your inspection reports and generate certificates of occupancy easily through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

With citizenserve permitting software, contractors can apply and pay for permits online. Permit applications are then automatically routed to the appropriate departments with due date assignment based on permit type. Review notes and resubmittal requirements are consolidated into the review status sheet simplifying the resubmittal process for employees and contractors. Once the permit is issued, contractors can request inspections over the internet or your staff can use the scheduling function of the system to schedule inspections. With user defined inspection checklists, and commenting features, your inspectors will update inspection reports quickly. Permit expiration dates can be automatically extended with each inspection to ensure you have accurate expiration dates.

  • Allow your contractors to apply online with the citizenserve online portal
  • Plans and other documents can be uploaded with the permit application
  • Permit and plan review fees are automatically calculated based on your fee structure
  • Automatic routing based on your workflow process
  • Automated review routing based on application type
  • Quickly view plans and other electronic documents
  • Select from an online library of your common corrections to create the plan review report
  • Utilize multiple review routes to track deadlines for initial application and resubmittals
  • Contractors can view review status and resubmit through the online portal
  • Create custom rules to prohibit permit issuance
  • Generate approved Permit and Job Cards that can be printed or emailed to the applicant
  • Contractors can download permit and job card from the online portal
  • Automatic calculation of permit expiration date based on permit type
  • Contractors can request inspections online
  • View inspections due in a calendar or list format
  • Create custom inspection checklists
  • Input inspection results and generate the inspection report all from the field
  • Expiration dates are automatically extended after an inspection is completed, ensuring that you always have an accurate expiration date
  • Create system based rules to verify all activities are completed before closing out the permit
  • Upon final inspection generate a Certificate of Occupancy that can be printed or emailed to the owner
  • Contractors, Owners or others with appropriate access can view Certificates of Occupancy online
  • Access to unlimited custom reports that our staff will create based on your needs
  • Export your report to Excel or PDF
  • Create custom report layouts or list views
  • Create your own custom reports that can be shared with other users
  • Create custom metrics viewable from your citizenserve dashboard