Yearly Archives: 2016

Health License Software Food Inspection on an iPad

Health licensing software and food inspections can easily be configured in citizenserve community development software. Health license software that is mobile and fully functional on an Apple iPad or other mobile devices. Food inspection software process can include noting violations, taking violation specific pictures, completing inspection forms and printing complex regulatory forms with the inspectors and person-in-charge (PIC) signatures.

Health License Software Online Citizen Portal Application

Restaurant licensing and inspection software in citizenserve. Businesses can register on your citizen portal, complete complex health applications and upload documents such as menus and kitchen equipment specifications. Multiple license types can be setup for food establishments such as retail food, school kitchen, food service, caterer, mobile, tobacco and nicotine delivery. License applications can have an unlimited number of custom fields that include application submittal documents such as workers compensation insurance affidavit, workers compensation policies, plan review approvals, allergen awareness, choke safety, extermination, dumpster information can be uploaded and managed. License software applications can also be setup to be dynamic, asking questions related to prior license application answers.

Community Development Software User Rights

Citizenserve community development software has specific user rights that are configured typically in departmental roles. These roles can then be assigned to users. The rights include the ability to limit rights to delete files, edit closed files and edit completed activities. For example if a code enforcement case is closed it is helpful to ensure that no one edits the closed file. It is also helpful to know that building inspections completed or plan reviews completed cannot be changed once complete.

Building Permit Software Help Options

Citizenserve building permit software has several options for embedded help. Departments can customize help screens. Help text can be customized on permit application forms and license application forms. This can include HTML links to external systems, web sites, documents, etc. Field level help can be created with a information icon placed next to the field. The citizen portal has robust customization of all pages. Custom fields can be setup to only show on the portal allowing additional text information. Applications can also be made dynamic to help simplify simple requests and expand on questions based on prior answers.