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Online Services You Need

    Starting a business? Learn when you need a Business Tax Receipt, Oil & Grease Permit or other Licensing, submittal requirements, apply online, pay license fees, and view the status of your license application all from your home, office or mobile device.
    Renew your License
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    Remodeling or adding on to your home? Doing work in a City right-of-way?.  Learn when you need a permit, submittal requirements, apply online, view review status, pay permit fees and schedule inspections all from your home, office or mobile device.
    Apply for a Permit
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    Starting a new construction project? Unless you are building a single family residence, you will need to get a Plan Approval from the Development Services Department. Learn when you need to go through planning and zoning for development applications, what documentation you'll need, apply online, view review status, pay fees and all from your home, office or mobile device.
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Code Enforcement Complaints

Have you seen blight, weeds, illegal parking or other code enforcement violations in your neighborhood? If so submit an online complaint, and it will be automatically routed to the appropriate department for investigation.
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