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Through this portal you have access to all of our online services including building and zoning permits, licensing, land use applications, and property complaints.  We value your input, if you have any comments or suggestions to make this system easier, please email us at kfitzsimmons@oronomn.gov or by phone at 952-249-4600.

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I want to learn more about the code enforcement process.  I have observed blight, long grass/ weeds, illegal parking, or other code enforcement violations in your neighborhood.  I would like to submit a code enforcement complaint.  

Please note that Orono, in an effort to  provide better service through consistent record keeping, complaint tracking, and reporting, routes all complaints through this portal. Emailed complaints, or use of paper "Property Complaint forms" will be entered into the system as soon as possible.  You can access this portal through any web connected phone, tablet,or computer.  A computer for public access of the portal is available at City Hall.  Complaints are not accepted anonymously, but complaintants are kept private.