welcome to THE CITY OF LAKE SAINT LOUIS online portal 

Users may apply for and pay the fees associated with building and sign permits. Those users specifically associated with issued permits may schedule inspections. Users may also file code enforcement concerns as well and all of these activities may be completed from your home or office computer or mobile device.

Important Information regarding user logins:

  • The user accounts for different jurisdictions using Citizenserve are not interconnected. Therefore, if you have an account with a different jurisdiction in the county that does not mean you have an active account on this site. 
  • If you have applied for a permit with the City of Lake Saint Louis since November 2018 it is likely that you already have a user account. You may receive you username by proceeding to the Login Page and clicking on "Forgot Your Username". Once you recover your username you will need to do the same for your password. 
  • If you are a first time user please proceed to the Login Page and click on "Register Now".

Building Permits and Miscellaneous Permits

 Apply for permits, check the review status of permit applications, and schedule inspections.


Code Enforcement Concerns

Have you noticed Municipal Code violations in your neighborhood? If so, you may submit a concern online.  City staff will investigate the information you provide and take the appropriate actions.