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Learn about when you need a business license, what information you'll need and how to apply.

Starting a business or renting out your vacation home?

A valid City of Gulf Shores business license is required for any company or person engaged in business within the corporate limits as well as our police jurisdiction. A business license application needs to be completed and submitted for approval as well as the fee(s) paid before conducting business in the city.

There are 2 different types of license applications: a general business license and a rental license application. If you are operating your business from more than one location or have more than one rental property a separate application and license will be required for each location. Along with the business license requirements there may be taxes associated with your type of business. Below you will find more information and links to our business license applications, checklists and tax forms. Please review the required information before submitting a business license application. 

Use our online portal to apply for a business license. Learn when you need a license, submittal requirements, apply online, pay license fees, and view the status of your license application all from your home, office or mobile device..


Getting Started is Easy

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    Learn when you need to apply for a business license and the licensing process.
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    Each license type has different submittal requirements, understand what you'll need to provide to get started.
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    Register on our website, once registered you can apply for licenses, view review status, and pay license fees online.
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    Once you've gathered everything needed for your application and registered on our portal you can apply for your business license.
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