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Whether the project is a homeowner converting a garage or a developer constructing a high rise, we review projects for safety. Many residential and commercial projects require a building plan review for compliance with applicable Federal, State, and City codes, laws, and ordinances before permits can be issued.  Please collect all necessary documentation prior to starting a new application, failure to do so may result in a delay in processing your application.

 Residential Building Permits

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 Commercial Building Permits

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NOTICE: Article 1, §2-9.A of the Code of the Town of North Hempstead states as follows: No person, firm or corporation shall commence the alteration of any lot or parcel, including the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, removal, improvement, demolition or conversion of any building or structure or tree, or part thereof, or change the nature of the occupancy of any building or structure or cause the same to be done or the removal of trees without first filing with the Building Commissioner an application for such removal, construction, alteration, moving or demolition or installation of elevator, heating or heat-producing appliance or equipment, other than ordinary stoves or ranges, and obtaining a permit, except that no permit shall be required for the performance of Ordinary repairs which are not structural in nature.