Citizenserve continues to be top notch with their most recent upgrades. The layout and flow of the cloud environment, coupled with their second-to-none tech support, this program continues to be my ace in the hole. I continue to learn new things about it, and the various tasks and items it is capable of keep all other competitors at bay.

Janet E. Shatney, Barre, Vermot

We began using citizenserve software in 2010 for permitting.  The internet based feature and customization were the initial selling points for our town, however the service response and continuing improvements to the software have been the real key to the software.  

Sandy Cross, Duck, North Carolina

Since the system is dynamic, our staff can make support requests related to process improvements or report requirements.  Most requests are implemented within hours and many times our contact Julie offers better more integrated solutions.

Mike Burns, State of Florida

Need some help to brighten your day, contact citizenserve, and your problem will be solved the right way.

Ramona Harrell, Sampson County, North Carolina