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What type of integration options would you provide to connect to our existing repository of permitting documents? What is the import or export process? What is the cost?

An unlimited number of documents can be stored in citizenserve building permit software. Links can also be setup in the permit applications to external sources such as iCloud, OneDrive or a document management system such as Laserfiche. City planning documents in paper form can be scanned and easily imported into citizenserve building permit software and associated with the relevant permits and parcel or property data. Once documents are scanned the document and metadata can be imported for a nominal fee.

Picture of city plan documents in vault

Is this your city plan document storage solution?

Online Permit Software Configuration

Citizenserve supports real-time on-the-fly configuration which is critical for maintaining e-government software systems that need to be available 24/7 for citizens, contractors and businesses. Applications, fees, documents and processes can be configured on the fly with no programming. In this video we show how a permit application custom field can be added to the online permitting software on-the-fly and the field a also appears automatically on the citizen portal with no down-time.

Online Building Permit Software Custom Fields

A critical feature in Online Permitting Software is the ability to create custom applications based on your license and permit applications. Citizenserve allows for the creation of an unlimited number of custom fields on applications. These custom fields can include over two dozen types including submittal documents, links to other systems, and dependent field types. Custom fields can be compartmentalized by departments or sub-departments. Custom fields can also be used to create custom file, property and activity data types and forms.
Custom fields on the online permit and online license applications can be used in the fee tables, tracked in history, used in creating reports and placed on template documents like your building permit or certificate of occupancy.

Online Permitting Software and Citizen Portal

Citizenserve┬« is a comprehensive software and service solution for community development departments that covers all aspects of permitting, planning & zoning, code enforcement, licensing and inspections. The software not only encompasses internal functions but also expands into an electronic relationship with citizens, contractors and businesses involved in the processes of permitting, licensing, inspections and enforcement. The opportunity for increased service for citizens, efficiency and costs savings are profound using Citizenserve. The software was developed from the beginning as an internet software service, commonly referred to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud computing. This is the future of software. The benefits include: 1. You pay as you go; no upfront…