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Over-the-Counter Permits – Instant Permits – Express Permits

Citizenserve can help you deliver instant over-the-counter permits and licenses to your constituents. Why route for review, when you can just collect fees and deliver the permit online? The process is easy; applicants fill out a simple online form, pay online, and then download their permit.

Did you know citizenserve also supports remote inspections? Check out this video on Remote Video Inspections to see how. Jurisdictions can accept contractor or homeowner-created video recordings, uploaded photographs, or can perform the remote inspection using conferencing software such as Skype. Contact us to see how we can help you implement remote inspections, express permits, or other online solutions to support your municipality.

How We Configure Your Regular and Over-The-Counter Permits

Citizenserve configures your applications, both over-the-counter and those with a review process, with custom fields. This means we gather any information you need to manage your community development projects. Citizenserve software includes modules for Permitting, Licensing, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, Request Tracking, and a Citizens portal. Citizens submit applications, make payments, upload documents or send messages from the portal. The system notifies staff so no work is lost. Staff track review activities, notify applicants, track payments, and issue permits or licenses. License inspectors perform inspections on-site using our cloud-based software. Citizenserve's integrated modules let you view all files related to an address. Your citizenserve subscription also includes unlimited reporting. Metrics, another report type, provide a graphical view of processes to staff and management. Citizenserve's community development software helps you track and manage your projects.

Our Project Implementation Strategy

We begin each project with an agile implementation strategy. The Engagement Manager demonstrates new development work and gathers user feedback during weekly walk-through meetings. Whether we are building an over-the-counter permit or a regular permit with an automatically routed workflow, it's vital that each user test and play in the system after the weekly meeting. During this hands-on time, the user confirms the system works as expected, or uncovers any edge cases that should be addressed. Then the Engagement Manager incorporates user feedback and demonstrates new functionality during the next meeting. This process repeats until the user confirms the system works as desired. Finally, it's time to train system users and go live.

About Citizenserve

Citizenserve is a cloud-based community development software suite. We configure our software to meet your needs. We also offer solutions for online Building Permits, Business Licenses, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, and Requests. Explore our site see how we support community development - beyond an over-the-counter permit. Schedule a live demo, and we'll help get you started today.

Citizenserve in the news

See how Alachua County, Florida migrated their Building Department to Citizenserve.

Financials and Cashiering, Fee and Payment Processing Q&A

This Financials and Cashiering discussion, including Fees and Payment Processing was prepared in response to a formal Request for Information from a city of about 62,500 residents.  Read on for information about some of the cashiering and financial features included in Citizenserve's e-government software solution.

1.9     Finance

1.9.1. Describe the solution’s abilities to create, manage, secure, and report (ad-hoc and scheduled) on financial transactions.

Our Response: Citizenserve enables complex fee calculations, and your subscription includes fee schedules maintenance. Fee schedules include end dates. To enable payments, we integrate with a customer’s payment provider(s); we do not store credit card information. All data in the database is encrypted. We use web services with HTTPS or TLS encryption with authentication to communicate with external systems like payment processors.

We also use web services or a daily batch file to send Payment information, accounts receivable information, and other financial information to the City’s financial system.

Our software includes a standard suite of financial reports. We also develop custom reports to meet the City’s requirements as part of our unlimited support.

1.9.3. Describe how payments are processed and posted.

Our Response: We integrate with the City’s payment processor(s) and do not store credit card information. Successful payments are recorded in Citizenserve, and associated balance due fields are updated. Unsuccessful transactions are also logged for follow-up.

1.9.4. Describe the refund process.

Our Response: We configure our user roles with rights to take and modify payments. For refunds, simply reverse the payment in Citizenserve; through integration or report, we pass the data to the City’s financial system, and the City’s financial system processes the refund.

1.9.5. Describe any financials and cashiering controls the system provides.

Our Response: Citizenserve provides multiple ways to implement business rules.  We use conditions to enforce business rules; for example, a condition can require payment before issuing a permit.

For more information about these services, view this Online Cashiering Services Demonstration

1.9.6. Describe the period/year end closing processes and financial reporting capabilities. Provide a diagram where applicable to illustrate the end-to-end process.

Our Response: The City's financial system handles period and year end closing processes. Citizenserve integrates with the City’s financial system via web services to pass AR, payment, and refund information. We create any custom reconciliation reports for the GL and/or Refunds.

1.9.9. Describe the solution’s integration possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Our Response: We can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 using custom web services or any available APIs. Citizenserve’s technical architects develop the code to send data from Citizenserve or accept data into Citizenserve; if an API is not available, the City’s resources develop the code to send data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 or accept data into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

1.10   Impact Fees

1.10.1. Describe the capabilities to manage and track impact fees, credits, and payments.

Our Response: We have great flexibility in configuring impact fees to meet your business rules; there is no “one size fits all” approach. Impact fee calculation examples include basing the fee on meter size, or tying the calculation to application checkboxes or drop-down lists. More examples include automatic calculations, or manual entries by staff. Staff add credits to a customer’s impact fee, or calculate credits based on overpayments (if overpayments are allowed); credits are carried on the permit and applied to the next payment.

1.10.2. Describe spatial integration functionality for tracking impact fee information in specific geographic area.

Our Response: We create an unlimited number of custom fields for properties and permits. The fee table for each permit type can easily incorporate the custom fields into fee definitions with no programming. Any custom field on the permit application or in the property information can trigger Impact Fees.  Typically, property information contains the necessary location information or GIS integration provides the relevant information necessary for impact fee calculation. Thank you for your interest in Citizenserve Financials and Cashiering.

About Us

Citizenserve is a cloud-based community development software suite. We configure our software to meet your needs. In addition to Business Licenses and renewals, we also offer solutions for online Building Permits, Business Licenses, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, and Requests. Explore our site see how we support community development!

Here's what one customer says our software:

“This modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use software system will provide complete customer care to help our municipality provide online services to our residents. With the COVID-19, we saw how important it was to be able to connect with our residents using technology. Citizenserve will help enhance the building department processes by making it quicker by decreasing waiting times, submitting applications, and paying for applications online. The goal will be to eventually manage the entire permit and licensing system online from intake, through plans review and on to inspections.” See the full article here.

Document Markup Tool – On a PC

An in-depth review of the features included in Citizenserve's document markup tool. Watch this training video to learn all the ins and outs of this integrated tool.

  1. How to access the markup tool
  2. Create a new stamp
  3. Add stamps to all pages
  4. Edit Stamps
  5. Add Shapes (Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, Line, Free-Draw Tool)
  6. Tools
    2. Text Box
    3. Highlighter
    4. Measurement Tools
      1. Calibration Tool
      2. Measure area
      3. Measure a length
      4. Measure Distance (around a corner!)
  7. View other reviewer comments
  8. View/add comments
  9. Common comments book
  10. Undo/redo/eraser/zoom tools/display-hide item numbers
  11. Email markup
  12. Generate markup pdf
  13. View markup comments from the citizen portal
  14. Import comments from prior version


But citizenserve offers more than just this document markup tool. Our cloud-based integrated community development software provides multiple solutions to Village, Town, City and County government. In addition to online permitting software, we offer licensing, development, code enforcement, and request tracking solutions. Your subscription also includes an online citizen portal. Keep exploring our site to find pricing information, to request your live demo, or to see how we can support your community development needs.

Visit Customer Profiles to see how our customers are putting our community development software - including our document markup tool - to work for their communities.

Visit Yavapai County Community Development Innovates their Online Services to see how one Arizona County implemented citizenserve. And then scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your contact information to request your live demo today. And you can see our document markup tool in action, plus so much more.

Citizenserve Online Cashiering Services

Citizenserve offers Online Cashiering Services as part of our integrations community development software suite. Watch this in depth demonstration of Citizenserve Cashiering  Services. This segment was presented during an all day demonstration to a Midwest city, to meet their RFP for e-government software.

These online cashiering services, and much more, are offered in the Citizenserve e-government solution.

  • Assigning rights and access to Fee Tracking and Edit Payments
  • Multiple ways to take payments:
    • From within permit
    • From a contact - apply payment to one or more project balances
    • From the citizen portal
  • Audience questions:
    • What if someone wanted to pay for something that isn't a payment or a license? (5:07)
    • How can we batch pay a bundle of checks that are received in the mail?  (Which opened a conversation about their home grown batch payment interface.) (5:39)

Citizenserve customers are as excited about us, as we are about them. Many have created introductory videos for their citizens. Visit Customer Profiles to see how our customers are putting citizenserve to work for their communities. And this is not just for our online cashiering services!

We are always looking for ways to help spread the word about the unique ways our customers have worked with us to implement their software. We work with our customers in an agile and iterative process to produce a system that fits their needs. You can also check out this video that we created for the Yavapai County Community Development Department to see how one Arizona County implemented citizenserve.

Citizenserve Offers Online Code Enforcement Software and More!
In addition to code enforcement software, we offer licensing, development, permitting, and request tracking solutions. Your subscription also includes an online citizen portal. Keep exploring our site to find pricing information, to request your live demo, or to see how we can support your community development needs.

Citizenserve Customers are using our cloud-based community development software - which includes more than our online cashiering services, every day. Contact us to see how we can help you serve your community, today!