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Citizenserve Citizen Portal Tips – Addressing – Cell Payments – Notification Popups

Watch this short video with some citizen portal tips on addressing, entering payment address on a cell phone, and how to resolve notification popups from your browser.

00:27 Entering Addresses
01:39 Enter Payment Address on Cell Phone
02:40 Notification Pop-Ups

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If you've wondered how communities link their building sites to Citizenserve, visit the Village of Lombard Building Division. And see how their site directs their constituents to the Citizen Portal.

Our customers are as excited about us, as we are about them. And many have created introductory videos for their citizens. Visit Customer Profiles to see how our customers are putting citizenserve to work for their communities.

We are always looking for ways to help spread the word about the unique solutions our customers have requested. We work with our customers in an iterative process to produce a system that fits their needs. And we pride ourselves on our industry unique Complete Customer Care model. Watch this video we created for the Yavapai County Community Development Department to see how this customer implemented citizenserve. It's a great example of how we approach our relationship with our customers. We hope you'll see how how citizenserve will support your staff. Plus we'll also provide great tools like this post on Citizen Portal Tips on addressing for your citizens too.

Citizenserve Citizen Portal Tips – Registration and Login Help

Watch this short video with some citizen portal tips on registration, recovering your username, and how to reset your password.

00:25 Portal Navigation
00:48 Register for Portal Account
01:46 Recover username
02:03 Reset Password

For more tips on our citizen portal, see this video on Registration and Login Help.

And see how Yavapai County Community Development Innovates their Online Services.