Permit Inspections

See how you can streamline and automate the inspection process for permitting


With citizenserve, the inspection process is streamlined and simplified, giving your inspectors more time out in the field. We'll start by taking a look at the online portal and see how your contractors can request inspections online. So I've logged in as Acme Construction on the online portal and I'm looking at my permit list. I'll select this permit, and then I'll select 'Request an Inspection'. I'll select the inspection type, let's say it's a footing inspection, and let's say I want it for tomorrow.

Through citizenserve you can configure which dates they'll be allowed to schedule inspections and you can disable certain dates like weekends and holidays or other non-working dates. So I'll select tomorrow's date and I'll select 'AM' as my inspection time. Click Submit and that will request the inspection and route it over to the appropriate inspector for inspection.

So now let's take a look at how the inspector sees this. I'm going to go over here to citizenserve. When your inspectors login at citizenserve they'll see all of their inspections due for the day on their home page. You can also view them on the map by clicking the map icon. So I'll click this so our map it's showing our two inspections that are due. If I want to go ahead and complete this inspection I can just click the footing link here. It pulls up by a permit file I can see a picture of the permit I can see what it's about in the address. I'll start by looking at the inspection checklist I'll click the book icon and it opens up our checklist. You can have a separate checklist for each inspection type so if I select rough plumbing I'll see a different list of items. I'll go back to footing which is what it defaulted to because inspection type is a footing. And let's just say they've got some excavation issue, and some areas of the footing problems, and rebar size. I collect as many options as I'd like here and click Save. And that plugs it in down on my inspection comments. If I want to change any of these I can, and I can also select the new icon if I want to enter a comment that wasn't on my checklist. So for custom more unique items I can hit the new icon to plug in a unique item.

I'll go ahead and select my status, let's say they fail this inspection, and I'll plug in the date that I completed the inspection - today, and then I can either save this here or, if I'd like, I can send an email to the contractor with their inspection report. So I'll go ahead and do that by clicking the send email icon. And I'll select the inspection report template, and I want to send it to our contractor and if I'd like to add photos or other attachments I can do that, or I can just send it. I'll click preview here so that you can see what the email looks like. It's just a standard template and as you can see those three items that I selected are being included in the inspection comments list, and then I can just hit Send which will send that email to the contractor, and it also saves a copy of it here on the Documents Tab.

Your contractor can also easily see your inspection comments through the portal, so let's jump back over to the portal here, and I'm gonna go to the inspections tab, and here's a footing inspection that I scheduled. I can see that it failed and if I want to take a look at the comments I can click this link where I'll see these same comments that were emailed. And that's how easy it is to manage your permitting inspections through citizenserve.