Workflow Routing

Workflow Routing
See how citienserve can streamline and simplify your workflow routing.

Hello, my name is Julie, and in this demo I'll give you an overview of workflow routing in citizenserve. I've got a license application here for Hot Coffee Shop and I'll add a workflow route to this by clicking the create route icon. Once i click that, it lists all of the different types of review routes that i have on this license type. I'll select a business license review and it will list the individual tasks on this review route so the different departments and the tasks that they'll do.

You have lots of flexibility with review routing. You can have tasks that become due after completion of previous tasks, you can control the due dates, and you can control who are assigned those tasks. In some cases a task will be assigned to a specific user. Some departments don't want to assign a task to a specific user they just wanted to go into a queue and have different users work off of that list - so you can have both of those options. You can also take some items off of lists - so if you said we don't need building to do this review you could take building off. So I'll take these defaults and click Save and that will add the review route to our license, which I can view from the reviews tab.

So here's a review route - the different activities are here. If a task has a due date that means it's been assigned to that department or person and they should be actively working on it. Once they've completed it, it'll have a completion date. If there's no due date it means it hasn't been assigned yet - so in this example we can tell that licensing planning and zoning and fire are all working on their application it's been assigned to them, and then once they've all completed it, it'll go back to business licensing to notify them that the review has been completed and they can issue the license.

So let's see how do you get notified when you've got a new license review to do. You'll get an email notifying you and it'll also be on your citizenserve task list. So if I've clicked the citizenserve icon or the homepage takes me back to my homepage and all my tasks will be listed. So if I'm ready to do this review I can just click the task and it'll pull up my review activity. If I want to take a look at the license application I can click the more information icon which will open up a new tab at the top so that I can view the license information. So you can go back and forth between these two tabs to view information. As you enter your review comments you can also choose from a pic list of comments or a checklist. So if I hit the book or the common comments icon here I'll get a list of comments that are specific to me and the business licensing department. Each department can have their own set of comments. So let's say this applicant doesn't have a registered DBA and they've got a couple other issues. I'll just check off the items that I want here and click Save and that'll plug those down in my comments. And then I'll select the status here 'resubmittal required' and I'll send them an email by clicking the send email icon. Here I just check the email template 'email license application notice' and the 'To' - I can click the more information icon to select a recipient I want to send this to Hot Coffee Shop. Click Save - if I want to add attachments I can, or I can just send it, but I'll preview it so that I can show you what it looks like. So this is the email template. You can modify these to make them look however you want but notice that it pulled in all of those items that I checked off, so it's flexible. As you add more items it'll change your email - and then I'll just hit Send which is going to send a copy of that, and it'll also attach a copy of the email to the documents tab so I have a history of that. So I'll click Save here and then we can look at our department. So now when you look at this list we can tell Planning and Zoning still has it, fire still has it, licensing is waiting for something - resubmittal required, and you can see those comments so each department will go through and do their portion of their review.

So let's say I'm planning and zoning I'll pull this one up and they'll have a different set of comments. So each department can configure it, and they can also group their comments, so if you've got lots of comments you could group them by new applications, renewals, retail stores, warehouses - whatever makes sense in terms of your comments. Once each of the departments have finished their review it will get routed back to business licensing with a task that says review complete, so licensing can look at it and see that everything's been approved and close out that review and issue the license. So i'll just say today this is going to close out my review. And now I'll issue the license just by going here and selecting business license certificate and clicking generate, and that'll pull up our license certificate it'll plug in issue dates and expiration dates based on when your licenses expire, and you could print it or you can email and that's how workflow routing works in citizenserve.