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Hello! Learn about when you need a permit, what information you'll need and how to apply.

Remodeling or adding on to you home?  Small project you want to do yourself? 

Learn when you need a permit, submittal requirements, apply online, view review status, pay permit fees and schedule inspections

all from your home, office or mobile device.

NOTICE:  Effective June 1, 2017, ALL surveys and site plans submitted in association with an application for either new construction, lateral additions, or swimming pools will be required to include the location of any and all public or private utilities located on the property.  This includes potable water, sewer, and electric lines.  The purpose of the requirement is to ensure that structures are not constructed on or near any public utilities and infrastructure.


Getting Started:

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    Learn when you need to apply for a permit and the permit application process.
    Do you need a permit?
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    Each permit type will have different submittal requirements, understand what you'll need to provide to get started.
    Submittal Requirements
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    Register on our website, once registered you can apply for permits, view review status, schedule inspections and more.
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    Once you've gathered everything needed for your application and registered on our portal you can apply and pay your permit application fees.
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