Case Study: Danville, IL – Mapping Enhancement


Danville, Illinois, nestled in Vermilion River country, combines natural beauty with a rich array of recreational and cultural offerings. The area boasts over 15,000 acres of parklands, extensive trails, and a historic downtown decorated with international murals, enhancing its cultural appeal. In a move to modernize, Danville sought a new software provider to update and unify systems across all departments, enhancing efficiency and connectivity.


The Code Department of Danville faced a critical challenge during the implementation process with Citizenserve. Specifically concerning geographic data accuracy when relying on Google Maps, which was proving unreliable in the area. The issue was particularly problematic for field officers requiring exact location details for enforcing codes. The inefficiencies caused by incorrect address data were significant, calling for an urgent and innovative solution to enhance the operational capabilities of the department.


We set out on a bespoke solution for Danville's needs, integrating GIS data for pinpoint accuracy in location services. This allowed for the creation of a user-friendly map interface that not only displayed accurate building numbers but also ensured that the map view would open to the user's current location, thereby resolving the previous challenges faced by the department.


We successfully executed the GIS update, collaborating closely to ensure optimal results. Additionally, we streamlined their data entry process to a single page, a crucial enhancement for field users who face limited internet connectivity and require swift access. These improvements significantly enhanced the user experience, making data management more efficient and reliable in challenging environments.

"Working with the city of Danville was a great experience and opportunity to see how flexible our system really is. We pushed it well outside the typical use case for this implementation and it was able to reach the needs of all parties involved."
– Lucas Garvey, Implementation Manager