Request Tracking

What if you had an integrated online request tracking software solution? What if your citizens could make their permitting, licensing, zoning, enforcement and every other request simply and easily from their home or mobile device? What if your staff could then promptly receive those requests in an efficiently organized manner, as well as respond to them immediately in return? Well, with citizenserve’s online request tracking software, you no longer need to wonder what this experience would be like, because this experience is already here amongst you.

Citizenserve’s comprehensive cloud-computing solutions software provides a seamlessly integrated link between the needs of your citizens and the effectiveness of your employees.

Our online request tracking software automates the assignment, routing and fulfillment of your citizens’ requests—including activity escalation for the priority handling of necessary situations and circumstances.

Citizens submit their requests along with any applicable file attachments through your website, which then automatically routes their request to the appropriate department.

As a new user of citizenserve, I found this software easy to use. Since it is customizable, I’m able to make everything exactly how I want it. Their excellent customer service will quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

- City of Carbondale, Colorado

Immediate updating of incoming requests appears through the activity list, allowing your staff to quickly respond and meet the needs of your citizens in a timely and appropriate manner each time, every time.

With citizenserve’s online request tracking software, your citizens can easily and effortlessly submit a request, while your staff can conveniently and competently process and produce it. Never again will you wonder how to maximize efficiency while minimizing paperwork.

With citizenserve at the helm, you and your citizens are guided safely, securely and strategically through a streamlined online request tracking process, and to a successful conclusion for everyone involved.

Online Requests

With citizenserve's online request tracking software, your citizens can submit requests through the citizenserve online portal on your municipal website. Upon location selection and property data input, a street view image of the property is automatically imported from your parcel data. Requests are then automatically routed the appropriate department and staff based on the request type and specific location.


Your citizens’ requests are automatically routed to the appropriate department and staff based on the request type and specific location. Your employees can easily view all of the new requests in their Task List, or on a map. They can also generate custom notices and letters based on your business and workflow processes.

Online Request Tracking Software Reports

You and your employees can create custom metrics viewable from the citizenserve dashboard. This includes reports in list, pie-chart, or bar-graph format. You can print or export your reports to Excel, and also create dynamic merge templates to mail or email your citizens in a fast batch process. Need a special report? Our support staff will create it for you, as part of our Total Support Program.

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