Deliver Your Services in a Whole New Way

The way you do business is changing.
What if you could change with it and deliver your services in a whole new way?

The ability to work virtually has become a necessity for your staff and constituents. Citizens, business owners, and contractors expect the ability to conduct business with their municipalities electronically. Citizenserve provides online processing for the full lifecycles of permitting, planning & zoning, code enforcement, licensing, and inspection.

The flexible portal enables constituents to submit applications, upload documentation, schedule inspections, submit complaints, and pay fees online. Our customers have reported that over 80% of permit and license applications and license renewals are submitted online, reducing the workload of your staff and the paperwork hassles for your customers. Municipalities find that constituent adoption is rapid; one customer reported going from 20% online permits to 80% plus in less than 3 months.

We were pretty demanding there for a while, trying to get everything dialed in the way we wanted it, and everyone has been awesome at helping us. I wish we would have gone this route years ago.

– City of Caldwell, Idaho

Citizenserve is browser-based, so your staff can access the software from anywhere and any device – municipal and home offices, or the field. The integrated nature of the solution removes departmental siloes and eliminates redundant data entry. Paperless operations, express permitting, and remote video inspections are examples of standard functionality that streamline your processes.

Citizenserve implementations are fast. Workflows and templates are easily configured to meet the individual needs of a municipality, and the Citizenserve implementation teams are hands-on. Citizenserve comes with unlimited customer support, further reducing the amount of time your employees spend servicing constituents so you can optimize staffing levels. A subscription includes safe, unlimited data storage, with 99.9% uptime. Citizenserve provides security and convenience for your constituents and optimized workflows and processes for your staff.

You can quickly realize the benefits of citizenserve with low-risk subscriptions and payment through direct resellers Dell, Insight, and SHI International. Contact us today to find out how citizenserve can simplify life for your staff, your constituents, and your community.

The citizenserve Cloud

Launched in 2002, with over a billion transactions processed the citizenserve cloud gives you access to fast, secure, leading edge community development solutions at a low cost.

  • cloud – support

    Citizenserve continues to be top notch with their most recent upgrades. The layout and flow of the cloud environment, coupled with their second-to-none tech support, this program continues to be my ace in the hole. I continue to learn new things about…

    Janet E. Shatney, Barre, Vermot
  • support – duck

    We began using citizenserve software in 2010 for permitting.  The internet based feature and customization were the initial selling points for our town, however the service response and continuing improvements to the software have been the real key to the software.  

    Sandy Cross, Duck, North Carolina
  • support – florida state

    Since the system is dynamic, our staff can make support requests related to process improvements or report requirements.  Most requests are implemented within hours and many times our contact Julie offers better more integrated solutions.

    Mike Burns, State of Florida
  • support, rhyme – sampson county

    Need some help to brighten your day, contact citizenserve, and your problem will be solved the right way.

    Ramona Harrell, Sampson County, North Carolina
  • easy to use – peoria

    Citizenserve is a valuable tool that is user-friendly and responsive to our needs.  This is especially true whenever we have a special request for a report or project, they always respond quickly with exactly the report or information we need.

    Pat Mawdsley, Peoria, Arizona
  • code enforcement, workload, reports – fairfield

    We use citizenserve to track every aspect of our Code Enforcement operation.  The citizenserve staff have done a great job responding to inquiries, the system and support have made it possible for us to manage a large caseload with minimal staffing.

    David James, Fairfield, California

Unlimited customer support

Every user subscription comes with unlimited training and support at no additional cost through the citizenserve concierge support program.

Through our Concierge Program every user subscription comes with unlimited training and support at no additional cost. Your dedicated, certified support engineer and project manager will work with you to configure citizenserve to meet your needs. They will coordinate any other setup tasks such as data migration or system integration to ensure your success. When you need help our staff is available.  Our certified support staff members are trained on all areas of citizenserve, and they will assist you with whatever you need.  We guarantee response time of one hour or less on your high priority items; our average response time is fifteen minutes.  For your standard requests, we will respond on the same business day, and our average response time is less than four hours.