Health Inspection

Citizenserve offers a robust health inspection module, from online scheduling through mobile inspections and instant citations, letters, and inspection reports.

Citizenserve’s comprehensive health inspection solution can be configured to reflect your municipality's health codes, associated citations, fines, and reporting. Citizenserve's online portal enables the online submission of complaints.

Your health inspectors can access citizenserve in the field from any mobile device. Inspections are streamlined with automated checklists, photos and videos taken from the inspector's mobile device, and customized inspection reports.

Citizenserve has proven to be one of the most responsive software vendors I have ever worked with. Health citations are immensely complicated. Citizenserve has proven to be an excellent partner in building complex, multi-faceted, integrated solutions to meet the City's needs.

- City of Revere, Massachusetts

Easily configure inspection checklists according to your requirements for an unlimited number of inspection types. Re-inspections can be quickly scheduled, and billed, saving your business owners and inspectors time.

Automated notifications enable inspection results, including photos, to be generated as emails or letters.

Streamline your health inspections with citizenserve. Keep your inspectors happy with intuitive tools that can be used from the field; keep your municipality safe by ensuring that your health inspections are timely and accurate; and capture revenue by charging for inspections or re-inspections as allowed by your municipality.

Integration to Business Licensing

Citizenserve's health inspections are integrated with business licensing. You can prevent the approval or renewal of establishments that fail their inspections based upon ratings thresholds you identify.

Inspection Scheduling Options

Inspection appointments can be requested by a complaint form on the citizenserve portal. Annual inspections are generated during license renewals, and staff can manage their case load using task lists or metrics. Inspectors are notified when inspections are scheduled and can access all case details from the field.


We can easily integrate to your GIS to enable health inspections to be displayed on a map, either for individual inspectors, by business type, or other criteria you specify.

Individual Inspections

Citizenserve enables a wide variety of health inspection types, with different reports, violations, and notifications for each type. Food, massage, tattoo, and other establishments have unique health codes, violation types, and fines. With citizenserve, you can configure health inspections for each business type individually.


You and your employees can create custom metrics viewable from the citizenserve dashboard. Display your key data in list, pie chart, or bar graph format. Print or export your reports to Excel, or create dynamic merge templates to mail or email your citizens in a fast batch process. Need a special report? Our support staff will create it for you as part of our Total Support Program.

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