Collapsible Headers

The collapsible header custom field type allows you to organize your application content. When collapsed, citizenserve hides those custom fields, making your applications easy to navigate, and the data easy to consume.

[Music] Hi, this is Misha at citizenserve. This month's feature is on the new field type - the collapsible header. Collapsible headers help organize application data, they make it easier to view, and give you quicker access to the information you need. Changing your existing headers to the new collapsible header is a simple update that can be made in just a few minutes.

To update existing headers with collapsible headers, or to add new collapsible headers to your applications, submit a support request and our team can make those changes for you. [Music]

If you have administrative access, you can make the change as follows. From the left hand menu select Administration and click the link to Administration. Select your department, click the Custom Tables tab, then select the table you'd like to modify.

Now in the list of fields select the header you'd like to update and double click. Or you can hit the Edit Field button.

Remove the html header tag, if it exists, then change the fields type to ‘Header – Collapsible’. Click Save and repeat for any other headers you'd like to update. Make sure to save the changes you've made when you're done!

And that's how you can update your existing headers with the new collapsible header from citizenserve.