Code Enforcement

What if your citizens could effortlessly report possible code violations from the comfort their homes? What if your inspectors could receive these concerns in live time, and then had the ability to electronically update reports, document findings, and even warn of possible adversity once they are on-site? Well, with citizenserve’s code enforcement software solutions, wishing for this kind of advanced networking system has now manifested into having it at your fingertips.

Citizenserve’s code enforcement software completely automates the process of opening cases, scheduling inspections, recording violations, and coordinating resolutions.

Inspectors can view and add property ownership information, inspection results, photos, notices and violations from their mobile field devices—thereby giving them more time to interact with citizens by spending less time in the office.

The history and mapping features allow for a comprehensive view of every recorded event surrounding a property inspection up to the present, as well as the ability to sort and group violations by specific location.

Citizenserve has made it possible for our officers to have access to records and the ability to enter case data in the field. This allows the officer to be accurate to the minute with property enforcement, keeping the officer in the field and not at a desk.

- City of Boulder, Colorado

In addition, inspectors can even place live time alerts on a property or specific person(s) eliciting cause for concern, thereby ensuring other inspectors aren’t potentially placed in harm’s way when performing follow up visits.

Citizenserve’s code enforcement software solutions offers your citizenry the peace of mind of knowing their concerns are being addressed quickly and concertedly, while also providing your inspectors with all of the tools they need to be as effective and efficient as possible in the relatively unknown environment awaiting them.

Trust citizenserve’s code enforcement software solutions to comprehensively cover your staff and citizens, while leaving nothing to chance in the process.

Online Complaints

Your citizens can submit requests through the citizenserve online portal on your municipal website. Upon location selection and property data input, a street view image of the property is automatically imported from your parcel data. Requests are then automatically routed the appropriate inspector based on the request type and specific location.

Code Enforcement Online Inspections

Your inspectors can receive automatic reminders of re-inspection as they become due, which can conveniently be viewed as a list or on a map. They can also quickly enter inspection comments, document additional violations, upload safety alerts, attach photos, and generate a notice of violation all on a mobile device.


With citizenserve's code enforcement software, your inspectors can quickly and easily enter specific violations, including by ordinance or description. They can also enter a follow up date to automatically schedule a re-inspection based on the appropriate time frame. Inspectors can also track multiple violations per case with the individual violation status tracking feature.


Inspectors can attach an unlimited number of photos to their case files. Photos can be taken from mobile devices, and attached through the online portal in one easy step. These photos can be attached to Notice of Violations or other letters inspectors can generate on the spot. They can also easily view thumbnail images of every photo in an existing file.


Inspectors can generate Notice of Violations, Hearing Notifications, Citations, Lien Notices or any other template-based documents on file. All generated notices are permanently and instantly attached to the file, and they can be viewed, modified or deleted only by authorized users.

Code Enforcement Software Reports

You and your employees can create custom metrics viewable from the citizenserve dashboard. This includes reports in list, pie-chart, or bar-graph format. You can print or export your reports to Excel, and also create dynamic merge templates to mail or email your citizens in a fast batch process. Need a special report? Our support staff will create it for you, as part of our Total Support Program.

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