Business Licensing

What if you had an integrated business license software suite? What would it be like if your renewal process was automated and stress free, if renewal notices were generated and sent with one simple click of a button? What if business owners could update their information, access and review the status of their applications, attach all required documentation, and pay online within a few minutes time? Well, with citizenserve’s business licensing software, you can stop asking yourself these questions, and instead start reveling in the answer.

Citizenserves’s comprehensive business licensing software solution allows business owners to submit, pay for and renew business licenses efficiently and effortlessly.

Automated routing and custom field creation ensures applications are automatically forwarded to the appropriate departments, as well as tracked based on similar information associated with different licensing types.

Citizenserve continues to be top notch with their most recent upgrades. The layout and flow of the cloud environment, coupled with their second-to-none tech support, this program continues to be my ace in the hole.

- City of Barre, Vermont

Furthermore, the custom batch renewal function even generates renewal notices when upcoming renewal dates are approaching.

Citizenserve’s business licensing solutions lets your citizens be informed while allowing your staff to remain effectively focused on the larger picture—by having more time to provide excellent customer service to business owners.

With citizenserve by your side, you can increase your efficiency and decrease your paperwork pile by successfully streamlining, simplifying and therefore quickening business license application and renewal processes.

Online Applications

Local business owners can submit applications, upload required documents, and pay their fees through citizenserve’s online portal. Their applications are also automatically routed to the appropriate department and staff based on your specific review and workflow processes.

Review and Approval

New license applications appear on your employee’s Task List. Employees can use customizable deficiency checklists to quickly review and approve, or to send deficiency notices to applicants. You can also generate electronic Business License Certificates to be printed and mailed, or simply downloaded online by the applicant.


Local business owners can request inspections online, which are then automatically routed to the correct inspector. Your inspectors can view inspections due in calendar format or on a map. They can also create custom inspection checklists to mimic your current inspection process, as well as generate inspection reports from the field.

Renewal Process

You can automatically and quickly generate renewal notices to be mailed or emailed. Business owners can renew their licenses, update information, submit required documentation—including insurance verification or proof of identity, and even pay for their licenses through the citizenserve online portal.


You and your employees can create custom metrics viewable from the citizenserve dashboard. This includes reports in list, pie-chart, or bar-graph format. You can print or export your reports to Excel, and also create dynamic merge templates to mail or email your citizens in a fast batch process. Need a special report? Our support staff will create it for you, as part of our Total Support Program.

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