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What can citizenserve do for you? Automate, streamline and simplify your workflow, processes and services by transforming them to an online platform—so that you can provide exceptional, expedient and efficient service to your constituents for an affordable price.

Many municipalities across the United States have not yet automated and digitized their community development solutions. Because of this, they struggle with extended processing times, bureaucratic inefficiency, as well as overlooked or misplaced documents, files and customer requests. However and just because this is how it has always been does not in any way mean it has to remain as such. With citizenserve’s cloud-computing e-government online solutions, your municipality can bring itself squarely and securely into the 21st century technological revolution.

Citizenserve provides comprehensive community development e-government application, processing and payment solutions for building permits, code enforcement, planning and zoning, business licensing applications and renewals, and customer request tracking.

My office used citizenserve from 2003 to 2006. After a long hiatus I was able to convince new management to return to citizenserve. My staff and I couldn’t be happier. The support team was fantastic in getting us back up to speed, showing us what was new, and helping us with changes to reflect our new procedures. It’s like dealing with good friends when we need support.

- City of Ovideo, Florida

Our fully automated online cloud-computing portal gives you unlimited access to the most reliable, trusted, secure and maintained network in existence anywhere.

For the past 13 years, citizenserve’s cloud-computing e-government community development solutions have reliably and faithfully served hundreds of towns, boroughs, cities, counties and states, both large and small.

From population densities of less than 1000 citizens to more than 19 million, and everywhere in between—citizenserve has securely and successfully processed over one billion online transactions, while enjoying higher than 99.999% system uptime. With citizenserve at the helm, your municipality’s e-government wants and needs will become a pleasant, prosperous and proficient reality for your employees and citizens alike.

What if your citizens could have easy access to all of citizenserve’s comprehensive and innovative e-government solutions together in one seamlessly integrated, service-oriented operational platform? What if your employees and staff could be on the receiving end of your citizens’ needs speedily and succinctly? Well, with citizenserve’s cloud-computing online portal platform, you no longer need to question any of this, because it is here, and yours for the having.

Community Development Solutions

Citizenserve provides comprehensive community development e-government solutions for building permits, code enforcement, planning and zoning, business licensing and request tracking. Our affordable and straightforward cloud-computing network includes the most secure, advanced, and user-friendly solutions available anywhere.

  • cloud – support

    Citizenserve continues to be top notch with their most recent upgrades. The layout and flow of the cloud environment, coupled with their second-to-none tech support, this program continues to be my ace in the hole. I continue to learn new things about…

    Janet E. Shatney, Barre, Vermot
  • support – duck

    We began using citizenserve software in 2010 for permitting.  The internet based feature and customization were the initial selling points for our town, however the service response and continuing improvements to the software have been the real key to the software.  

    Sandy Cross, Duck, North Carolina
  • support – florida state

    Since the system is dynamic, our staff can make support requests related to process improvements or report requirements.  Most requests are implemented within hours and many times our contact Julie offers better more integrated solutions.

    Mike Burns, State of Florida
  • support, rhyme – sampson county

    Need some help to brighten your day, contact citizenserve, and your problem will be solved the right way.

    Ramona Harrell, Sampson County, North Carolina
  • easy to use – peoria

    Citizenserve is a valuable tool that is user-friendly and responsive to our needs.  This is especially true whenever we have a special request for a report or project, they always respond quickly with exactly the report or information we need.

    Pat Mawdsley, Peoria, Arizona
  • code enforcement, workload, reports – fairfield

    We use citizenserve to track every aspect of our Code Enforcement operation.  The citizenserve staff have done a great job responding to inquiries, the system and support have made it possible for us to manage a large caseload with minimal staffing.

    David James, Fairfield, California
  • support – titusville

    Citizenserve has an outstanding support and customer service team that has always responded to my many requests quickly and efficiently. I’ve always been impressed with this aspect of Citizenserve from day #1. Thank You!

    Laurie Dargie, Titusville, Florida
  • service – laurel

    Always great service and tech support and handle any problems - they go the extra distance to keep us going!! We highly recommend you compare citizenserve to other software available !!!!

    Paul Frick, Laurel, Delaware

Why Choose Citizenserve?


For the past 13 years, citizenserve has successfully processed over one billion e-government transactions on behalf of the many municipalities we count as valued customers—including no data losses, no security breaches, and 99.999% system uptime.


Complete customer care ensures that your municipality has unlimited access to the best support program in the industry. Our customers describe this feature as, “outstanding, fantastic, accurate, professional, invaluable, and instrumental.”


Citizenserves online solutions are fully customizable to your workflow processes, systems, and specifications—including serving every online application, payment and request need. It is also accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.


Citizenserve’s low monthly user fee covers all of our customizable and fully functional features, including unlimited customer care and support. No hidden fees, no hidden agenda. See an immediate return on investment in efficiency and effectiveness.