Planning & Zoning

What if you had an integrated planning & zoning software solution? What if your planning & zoning organization—including applications, reviews, routing, resubmittals, and public notifications, were as fast and easy as clicking a button? What if architects, engineers, contractors and citizens could stay abreast of a project’s status in live time, at the same time? Well, with citizenserve’s planning & zoning software solutions, what if has now become what is.

Citizenserve’s planning and zoning software solutions increase efficiency, effectiveness and immediacy for project staff and citizens alike.

Allow participants access to all of the data pertaining to the project, thus keeping everyone constantly updated and conveniently on the same page.

This includes posting and perusing reviews in live time, dynamic scheduling with public notifications ensuring deadlines are met, document generation allowing for digitized presentations, and various other customized reporting functions.

Citizenserve has been a great tool in streamlining our operations. The support staff is great to work with in getting our system set up to match our paper operations. Citizenserve is easy to learn and has been invaluable in saving office time.

- Town of Blue River, Colorado

This revolutionary planning and zoning software program makes the planning & zoning process streamlined, succinct and successful each time, every time.

Citizenserve’s planning & zoning software solutions eliminates the filling out and filing of physical paperwork.

Increased efficiency allows your staff to spend more time with the citizens, rather than digging out from underneath a stack of documents and files.

So if you are not already using citizenserve's planning and zoning software to serve your city and citizens, ask yourself why you are still wondering what if—when you could already be experiencing what is?

Online Applications

Your applicants can submit applications, pay fees, and check the review status in live time through citizenserve’s online portal. You and your employees can create customized routes for various types of application reviews—including reviews required, review deadlines, and routing priority.

Planning and Zoning Software Plan Review

Incoming applications will be automatically routed to appropriate department and staff based on your specific requirements. Plan reviewers can view electronic plans quickly, and enter review comments from an online glossary of common corrections to create the plan review report. Reviewers can also easily track public notice due dates based on preselected hearing dates.

Zoning Board Hearings

The proximity search feature in our planning and zoning software allows for batched notification of parcels in the same area. Additionally, newspaper and other notice reminders can be automatically generated based on selected hearing dates. Your employees can also easily generate Hearing Board Agendas based on the digital compilation of all items up for review.

Planning and Zoning Reports

You and your employees can create custom metrics viewable from the citizenserve dashboard. This includes reports in list, pie-chart, or bar-graph format. You can print or export your reports to Excel, and also create dynamic merge templates to mail or email your citizens in a fast batch process. Need a special report? Our support staff will create it for you, as part of our Total Support Program.

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