Standing Conditions on Property

Set standing conditions on a property or parcel
Through citizenserve plan review you can now set conditions on a property that will remain on the parcel until satisfied.  This gives the ability for Planning and Zoning or other departments to set conditions on a parcel during the development process that will not be satisfied until later in the construction phase.  These conditions will be visible on any permit on the parcel until the condition is satisfied.  This provides the Building Department to the ability to monitor pending conditions and update them once satisfied during the construction.

In this demo, I'll show you how you can set a condition as part of your plan review that will be applied to the parcel and visible on all future permits until the condition is satisfied. Let's take this application review task for a new single-family home. In this task I'm doing a plan review for a new family home and I'm going to start adding some comments to my plan review. So I'll click the comment book and get my list of comments. So let's start adding some comments for our plan review.

Let's say we need landscaping information and we'll take this one take that one and that on. So we'll save these and for each of the comments that I added I can select a status. So let's say that we need our landscaping to be completed prior to the CoO, so I'm going to select required prior to CEO as a status. And let's say there's another one that's gonna be a standing condition - let's say these are just informational only. We'll say approved as noted. Let's say this is a resubmit or required and we'll also say that this is just approved as a note. So of these comments the first two are condition-based comments - which means they're going to be tied to this parcel until they're satisfied, or forever if that's the case. And these three are just comment-based comments so they're just part of this review.

So I'm gonna save all of these so when I pull up my permit I see this condition icon. This will be displayed whenever there are open conditions on a parcel and you'll see it on any permit on the same parcel. So when I click the icon I'll see those conditions that are tied to this parcel. And let's say that we've done the construction plan approval and I can see that this condition has been satisfied. Once I click Save if I come back and again that one's removed. So as construction progresses you can satisfy these conditions and they're removed from the parcel. Also if you go to the actual parcel file the conditions will be visible here as well so you can see all conditions across all permits and drill down if needed. And that's an example of how you can add conditions through your plan review in citizenserve.