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Do you want to move your municipality into the digital age? Citizenserve can help you go paperless (almost) overnight. The configurable online portal is a one-stop-shop for your digital services. Citizens, contractors, and business owners can navigate through the services pages to learn about your processes. They can also submit applications, complaints, or requests online, they can pay fees through your chosen payment processor, then track the status of their application, and even print out their permit or license certificates.

Citizenserve’s cloud based, online portal seamlessly blends the power of our suite of online government software into one integrated and easy-to-use portal. Applicants can apply, pay for, and download your full suite of permits, licenses, and projects. Staff have immediate access to applicant data and documents and can provide review comments directly to the portal. Applicants can receive automatic notifications, find out the status of applications, and quickly make corrections and update new documents through the portal.

Citizenserve’s cloud based portal is fully configurable and can be offered as a link off of your website. As a fully mobile solution, your constituents can access the portal from any location and any mobile device.

We have been with citizenserve for a few years now and are very impressed with the level of service we receive and the speed of response.  Citizenserve has simplified our office tasks and we would highly recommend them.

- City of Athens, Ohio

The portal serves as a one-stop tool for your constituents. It can be quickly customized with your logos and specific permit, license, and project types. Easily configure citizenserve's online portal with guides to submittal requirements so applicants submit the correct applications and documents the first time. Citizens with a complaint or code concern can use the portal to communicate the concern directly to the correct department or staff member.

Citizenserve's secure online portal replaces phone calls and long lines at the counter by simplifying licensing software, permitting software, and planning and zoning software, from application through review, application update, issuance, and renewal. Code complaints from our code enforcement software and requests from our request tracking software are also available from the same user friendly portal. All of the modules enable your citizens, contractors, and businesses to check status, provide information, and upload documents.

See how having one integrated tool for community development can eliminate confusion for your constituents and reduce the workload for your staff. Let citizenserve help you deliver your services in a whole new way.

Business Licensing

Enjoy stress free, organized and comprehensive licensing application and renewal solutions. Applicants can track the progress of their license application through the Online Citizen Portal.

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Code Enforcement through the Online Portal

Imagine code violation concerns never falling through the cracks, and full mobile access for inspectors. Citizens can track the status of their complaints through the Online Portal.

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Allow for online permit applications, processing and payments from citizens and contractors at a distance.

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Planning & Zoning through the Online Citizen Portal

Streamline and simplify planning application, review, resubmittal, public notification and hearing processes.

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Request Tracking

Automatically accept and route online citizen requests to the appropriate department or person.

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Community Development Software, Simplified

          Government software systems often cause more headaches than they solve. Citizenserve has been designed from the beginning as an easy-to-use, robust, secure and reliable, community software solution. But don’t take our word for it, read our user reviews. The system is fully configurable, meaning you can configure the software to meet your requirements rather than changing your processes to meet an inflexible municipal software package. Citizenserve offers integrated solutions for permitting software; fire permits and fire inspections software; planning & zoning software; code enforcement software; request tracking software; and business licensing software, including health inspection software, rental registration software, and contractor licensing software.

          Our online citizen portal makes it easy for your applicants to submit the right application and supporting documentation, make online payments, and track the status of their submission. With our configurable workflows and tools, your staff can quickly complete reviews and communicate electronically with the applicant. Request a demo today to see how citizenserve’s flexible, configurable solution can meet the needs of your municipality and constituents. Citizenserve: community development software, simplified.

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