Fire Permits and Fire Inspections

Citizenserve offers fire permit and inspection software that provides online submittal, automated workflows, built-in document markup, online inspection requests, mobile inspection checklists, photo uploads, instant citations, letters, inspection reports, and much more.

Fire Permits
Citizenserve’s comprehensive fire permit and inspection software solution can be configured to reflect your municipality’s fire codes, citations, fines, and reporting needs. Fire permits are configured with custom fields, so you can gather the information you need, in the format you need it.

Automated workflows route review tasks to necessary departments. Our ability to provide consecutive or concurrent review speeds your response time and keeps your offices moving.

Send notification to your applicants when needed, or allow the system generated notifications to keep your applicants in the loop. Applicants request inspections through the portal, or they are built into the review route, based on your business needs.

We have been using Citizenserve for over 4 years. It's powerful, you can grow into it for Permitting, Inspections, Zoning Violations and it tracks the History of each file. It's customizable and helps communicate to applicants and contractors by email to keep that record of inspections and communication. We haven't missed a beat with the Pandemic everything is accessible online. We couldn’t be happier.

- Town of Norfolk, Massachusetts

Streamline your fire permits and fire and life safety inspections with citizenserve. Keep your inspectors happy with intuitive tools that can be used from the field; ensure the safety of your citizens with timely and accurate inspections; and capture revenue by charging for inspections or re-inspections as allowed by your municipality. Let citizenserve help you deliver your services in a whole new way.

Fire Inspections
Annual fire and life safety inspections are integrated with our online business license software. During renewals, you can require an annual fire inspection before the renewal is granted. And if you are still paper based, Citizenserve can help your municipality go paperless (almost) overnight.

Inspectors access the full application from their mobile device, including configurable inspection checklists, plan review, document markup, photo and video upload, and the ability to generate instant citations, notices and inspection reports on the fly.

Citizenserve provides the online tools you need to easily track and expertly manage your municipal fire department permits, fire licenses, and fire inspections.

Integration to Business Licensing

Citizenserve's fire and life safety inspections are integrated with business licensing. You can prevent the approval or renewal of establishments that fail their inspections based upon ratings thresholds you identify. And citizenserve can help drive your license applications online.

Inspection Scheduling Options

Inspection appointments can be requested by a complaint form on the citizenserve portal. Annual inspections are generated during license renewals, and staff can manage their caseload using task lists or metrics. Inspectors are notified when inspections are scheduled and can access all case details from the field.

Fire Permit and Inspection Integrations

We can easily integrate to your GIS to pull in parcel and ownership data. We can also enable fire inspections to be displayed on a map, either for individual inspectors, by business type, or other criteria you specify.

Individual Inspections

Citizenserve enables a wide variety of fire and life safety inspection types, with different checklists, reports, violations, and notifications for each type.

Fire Inspection Reports

Custom metrics are viewed from the citizenserve dashboard. Display your key fire permit and inspection data in list, chart, or graph format. Print or export your reports to Excel, or create dynamic merge templates to mail or email your citizens in a fast batch process. Need a special report? Our support staff will create it for you as part of our Complete Customer Care Program.

Community Development Software, Simplified

          Government software systems often cause more headaches than they solve. Citizenserve has been designed from the beginning as an easy-to-use, robust, secure and reliable, community software solution. But don’t take our word for it, read our user reviews. The system is fully configurable, meaning you can configure the software to meet your requirements rather than changing your processes to meet an inflexible municipal software package. In addition to fire permit and inspection software solutions, citizenserve offers integrated solutions for business licensing software, rental registration software, and contractor licensing software.

          Our online citizen portal makes it easy for your applicants to submit the right application and supporting documentation, make online payments, and track the status of their submission. With our configurable workflows and tools, your staff can quickly complete reviews and communicate electronically with the applicant. Citizenserve also offers integrated municipal government solutions for permitting software, planning & zoning software, code enforcement software, and request tracking software. Request a demo today to see how citizenserve’s flexible, configurable solution can meet the needs of your municipality and constituents. Citizenserve: community development software, simplified.

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