Online Business License Applications

Municipalities already utilizing citizenserve’s online portal e-government solutions report that over 80% of their total license applications and renewals are handled completely online

Many business licensing departments experience incredibly stressful renewal periods—sometimes cramming up to 50% of their annual workload into as little as two months’ time. Manually mailing and receiving back a large volume of renewal notices
incredibly time consuming. Adding data entry, printing, and stuffing envelopes, not to mention their many other application and processing duties occurring regularly to this mix, and what you have is a very inefficient and ineffective process in all regards. Your employees spend inordinate amounts of time processing, and your citizens spend the same time waiting for their licenses to be renewed.

  • Transition your renewal process from a tedious manual system to an streamlined digital system
  • Be up and running in as little as 3 months
  • 68% of municipalities report saving money as a result of their online service offerings

Citizenserve’s comprehensive user-friendly and secure cloud-computing e-government online solution is the answer to your business license renewal wants and needs. Your citizens can electronically submit applications, renewals and payments, and your employees enjoy automatically routed, sorted and uploaded digital documents. The result is less time spent processing and entering data, thus allowing your employees to spend more time reviewing applications—while getting the licenses approved, then quickly into the hands of your citizens requesting and requiring them.