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Online Building Permit Software Demo

Demonstration of Citizenserve General Features and Building Permit process in response to a formal request proposal demonstration scenario from a city on the East Coast.

Citizen Portal Overview

  • Configurable
  • Presents data to answer constituent questions
  • HTML5 responsive design

Citizenserve Staff Side Overview

  • Configurable home page/dashboard
  • Browser based software solution
  • Integrated across all modules

Submit online building permit through the citizens portal

  • Custom fields are used to create your permit applications
  • Address data is pulled from your valid parcel data
  • Citizenserve will configure your permits based on your current paper (or digital) applications
  • Collect payment at the portal - Citizenserve will load your fee structure into the system to auto-generate the appropriate fees.

Process the Submitted Application

  • Application Intake
  • Consecutive or concurrent review
  • Common Comments Book
  • Document markup tool
  • Generate Planning Meeting Minutes/Agenda through Citizenserve
  • Conditions of Approval
  • Issue Permit

Review Project Status from the Citizen Portal



Auditing Remote or Virtual Inspections

Citizenserve makes it easy to audit to your virtual inspection process.

1. Use a report or metric to periodically select an inspection for audit.

2. View Pending Remote Inspection Requests in a metric, and choose the inspection request you wish to audit.

3.  Simply change the inspection type to Field Audit

4. And assign to the appropriate inspector  5.  You can also update the inspection date and time

6. You can also email the contractor from the activity

Remote Video Inspections

Citizenserve supports pre-recorded inspections or live video inspections.

Contractors can request a video inspection through Citizenserve's Citizen Portal, on this form they can download instructions, and upload their video recording, or a link to the video inspection.

Municipal inspectors review the video from their device, and can log comments in the activity window.  Inspectors can ask for clarification in email, or can complete the inspection and send an inspection report.

This is just one way Citizenserve cloud based software supports remote work for your municipal staff, contractors, business owners, and citizens.

Instant Permits – Over the Counter Permits – Express Permits

Citizenserve can help you deliver express permits or licenses to your constituents. Contractors can fill out a simple online form, pay online, and download their permit.

Citizenserve also supports remote inspections. Jurisdictions can accept contractor or homeowner created video recordings, uploaded photographs, or can perform the remote inspection using conferencing software such as Skype. Contact us to see how we can help you implement remote inspections, express permits, or other online solutions to support your municipality.