What if you had an integrated community development software solution? What if your citizens were able to easily and electronically submit applications and requests directly through your website? What if your employees were able to be immediately notified of incoming correspondences, and communicate in live time from either their offices or out in the field with their mobile devices? What if your entire e-government system was accessible, secure, organized, and therefore a pleasantly peaceful bureaucratic afterthought?

With citizenserve’s online community development software solutions, you no longer need ask yourself what if—when what is already exists and is yours, your employees, and your citizens’ for the having. With cutting edge software, complete customization options, comprehensive technical support, and limitless data storage, all of your municipal e-government dreams are now a reality.

With citizenserve’s e-government solutions, you, your employees and citizens can enjoy organized and automated business licensing and renewal, thorough code enforcement inspections, streamlined permit applications and inspections, simplified planning and zoning processes, and instantly routed request tracking.

Using citizenserve gives our inspectors the ability to look up permits in the field, which has allowed them to be much more efficient with their time. Additionally, Citizenserve's response to staff queries and requests is superb.

- City of Merriam, Kansas

With citizenserve, all of your community development software wants and needs are safely, securely, seamlessly and succinctly at the command of your employees and citizens alike.

Citizenserve offers all of this and more—including the oldest, most reliable, and most secure state-of-the-art e-government cloud computing network anywhere.

Choosing citizenserve’s community development software means transforming your municipal website into a fully functioning, totally secure, amazingly efficient, and incredibly effective communications station for all of your citizens’ residential, commercial and general needs.

You can rest confidently and easily, knowing that citizenserve’s e-government solutions are at the helm of your municipality’s 21st century online reformation revolution.

Business Licensing

What would it be like if your renewal process was automated and stress free, if renewal notices were generated and sent with one simple click of a button? What if business owners could update their information, access and review the status of their applications, attach all required documentation, and pay online within a few minutes time? With citizenserve’s business licensing software, you can stop asking yourself these questions, and instead start reveling in the answer.

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Code Enforcement

What if your citizens could effortlessly report possible code violations from the comfort their homes? What if your inspectors could receive these concerns in live time, and then had the ability to electronically update reports, document findings, and even warn of possible adversity once they are on-site? With citizenserve’s code enforcement cloud-computing solutions, wishing for this kind of advanced networking system has now manifested into having it at your fingertips.
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What if citizens and contractors could easily apply for building permits without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices? What if your staff could immediately receive and review these applications, thereby allowing them to communicate with contractors and applicants in live time, and without the once-requisite paperwork delay? With citizenserve’s community development software permitting solutions, you no longer need to want what is readily available to have.

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Planning and Zoning

What if planning and zoning organization—including applications, reviews, routing, resubmittals, and public notifications, were as fast and easy as clicking a button? What if architects, engineers, contractors and citizens could stay abreast of a project’s status in live time, at the same time? With citizenserve’s planning and zoning solutions, what if has now become what is.

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Request Tracking

What if your citizens could make their permitting, licensing, zoning, enforcement and every other request simply and easily from their home or mobile device? What if your staff could then promptly receive those requests in an efficiently organized manner, as well as respond to them immediately in return? With citizenserve’s request tracking solutions, you no longer need to wonder what this experience would be like, because this experience is already here amongst you.

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Online Portal

What if your citizens could have easy access to all of citizenserve’s comprehensive and innovative community development software solutions together in one seamlessly integrated, service-oriented operational platform? What if your employees and staff could be on the receiving end of your citizens’ needs speedily and succinctly? With citizenserve’s cloud-computing online portal platform, you no longer need to question any of this, because all of it is right here in front of you.

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