Applying for a Business License

Applying for a business license
See how your business owners can apply for a license online with the citizenserve online portal and citizenserve's business license software.

Applying for a license is easy with the citizenserve online portal. Through the portal you can provide access to all of your electronic services.  In the licensing section your applicants can jump right into applying for a license or learn more about licensing options.  You can guide your applicants through the application process with step-by-step instructions.  First, they can find out if they need a license by clicking do you need a license?  You can customize this page to list information relevant to the licensing requirements in your municipality.

Next, the applicant can find out what information and documents will be required with their application. With citizenserve you can create custom submittal documents for each license type. With drill-down links to see additional information. Once the applicant learns he'll need a license and the information that will be required he can apply online by clicking the Apply Now link.  The applicant will be directed to log in if they've already registered on your site or Register Now to set up a new account. Registration is easy simply select a registration type, enter some basic information, and enter a username and password.  By clicking submit the applicant will be registered on your portal and can apply for a license online.

To start the application select the license type and subtype.  Once the subtype is selected the submittal requirement information will be displayed giving the applicant the opportunity to review requirements again if needed.  Next, we'll enter business name and indicate if this is a new or existing business location. Once the address has been entered it will be validated against your parcel data and pull parcel-related data such as property-owner and personal number.

Next, the applicant will see custom fields related to your license type. All of these fields can be modified and you can add or remove fields as needed. In this example I'll select a primary type of business, a state license number, attach a copy of my state license.  You can set your application up to collect information that will be helpful to other departments as part of their license review. You can also display help text for any field showing additional information.  In some cases you may want to ask additional information if they've selected yes to an answer. You can have additional fields displayed based on options selected by the applicant. As part of your citizens are set up we will get your fee structures and set the licenses up to calculate fees based on your fee calculations.

I can either save my application for later and I can come back and modify it or click  Submit to save the application and have it routed to licensing staff. I'll click Submit which saves the application routes it to review staff.  And that's how easy it is to apply for a license  with the citizenserve online portal.