Why Your Government Should Implement Online Permitting Software

What is Online Permitting Software? More than a fillable pdf, and light years beyond a paper form, online building permit software offers configurable online applications, offers online payment processing, automatic workflow routing, easy resubmittals, downloadable permit cards, and a citizen portal to track project status.  With all of these options, it's easy to see why your government should implement online permitting software. But in case you need more details, here are some key benefits: 1. Save Time - for Constituents and Staff An online portal allows online permit submission from anywhere. Whether from a property owner's home or a contractor's office, online submittals save them both the…

Benefits of Online Code Enforcement Software

If your code enforcement department is paper-based, you may be neck-deep in paperwork. Have you considered the benefits of online code enforcement software? From enabling citizens to submit online complaints to automated templates that streamline notifications, to system-generated emails, to integration with parcel records and contacts, and the ability to collect fees online, moving your code enforcement program online will save your officers time and effort, and provides transparency to your citizens. Read on for details on the benefits of online code enforcement software. 1. Receive Complaints Electronically With an online code enforcement software program, your citizens can submit complaints and track the status of those complaints…

Easy Steps Your Government Can Take to Go Paperless

Paper-based systems are expensive, slow, and complicated. Paper applications require physical storage space, and at high risk of loss or damage. Searching for related project documents takes time and personnel. It is difficult to quickly identify project status in a paper-based system, and the workflow process itself is manual. Why Should Governments go Paperless? Moving to a paperless system: increases government employee efficiency, creates faster turnaround times, provides greater transparency to customers adds costs savings for paper, toner, envelopes, postage, and employee processing time. Here are easy steps your government office can take to go paperless: 1. Use the Digital Tools You Already Have and Know It's…

Check out these short videos that highlight some of the great new features available in the latest citizenserve software release. You must upgrade to the new release before adding these features. Have the decision-maker for your municipality contact Support Center to request your upgrade - we'll demonstrate these features and identify areas to be enhanced, all within our Complete Customer Care Program.

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