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Digital Code Enforcement Software Demonstration

Demo in response to a formal proposal process for an east coast city.  Here are general topics covered in this demonstration.

  • Overview of Submitting Complaint through citizen  portal.
  • Citizenserve is configurable, so we submitted a request to demonstrate a more detailed form.
  • Merge duplicate code complaints
  • Add and Complete inspection activity
  • Add violations
  • Close Code Case
  • High Grass Case
  • Generate Notice of Violation
  • Create Work Order Activity, generate work order and send to contractor, log hours works and generated fees.
  • Generate Citation Notice and track payments.
  • Implementation overview
  • Handling Hearings in Citizenserve
  • Review of code case, Notice of Violations which includes hearing notice, generate the Court Order.
  • Options for scheduling/manage annual inspection
  • Administrative options for inspection requests
  • Review notification matrix, which allows routing tasks or emails to users at certain steps in the project.
  • Review of the property file, which links to all permits, licenses, violations, inspections, and documents associated with that parcel.

Auditing Remote or Virtual Inspections

Citizenserve makes it easy to audit to your virtual inspection process.

1. Use a report or metric to periodically select an inspection for audit.

2. View Pending Remote Inspection Requests in a metric, and choose the inspection request you wish to audit.

3.  Simply change the inspection type to Field Audit

4. And assign to the appropriate inspector  5.  You can also update the inspection date and time

6. You can also email the contractor from the activity

e-Government Software – Small Claims Court

This short video demonstrates how Citizenserve can be configured to handle court proceedings.

Run court docket report (00:38)

Open Code Compliance Case from docket report (01:18)

  • Review Code Enforcement Inspection Activity
  • Review Notice of Violation generated from activity
  • Enter disposition on hearing activity
  • Generate Order Document

Discuss system ability to detect existing cases, run mass updates, apply interest, etc.

Cloud Based Online Code Enforcement

Overview of Citizenserve Code Enforcement and Request Tracking Cloud Based Software

1. View Inspections on a map (7:40)
2. Home page metrics (8:29)
3. Annual weedy lot notice (9:06)
4. Create code case (10:45)
5. Add complainant to case (11:10)
6. Add address – review integrated property data (11:50)
7. View created case file (14:48)
8. Add note to file (15:07)
9. Complete code enforcement inspection activity (16:29)
a. Add a violation (16:52)
b. Upload photos (17:42)
c. Use document markup tool on uploaded photos (19:11)
10. Manage individual violations (20:04)
11. Generate violation letter – include photos and letter variables and inspectors digital signature (20:18)
12. Schedule follow up inspection (23:55)
13. Escalate case - generate citation letter – generate fees programatically (24:17
14. Schedule follow up inspection (24:01)
15. Generate citation form letter for escalation (24:22)
16. Print case report for court (26:06)
17. Print or email case file for court hearing (26:04)
18. How do alerts (and other items) get attached to address file (overview of the property file and how it displays related permits, licenses, and violations) (27:11)
19. Review contact file (people and businesses) (29:39)
20. Code enforcement from an iPad – use voice recognition, take and upload photos in the field, add violations (30:49)
21. Health licensing code enforcement in Massachusetts municipality (34:05)
22. Inspection Report built as state mandated form (35:21)
23. Non- criminal tickets (36:19)