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Better than Low Code Software in the Government Space

What could be better than low code software in the government space, you ask? Let's start with an introduction to Low Code and identify what you get, and DON'T get from this new software development paradigm in terms of developing useful, responsive, and extendable government software solutions.

What is Low Code Software?

Low code is a visual approach to software development. Its goals are to simplify, augment, and democratize traditional programming. And it disrupts the older custom software configuration method that requires time, money, and skilled software developers to plan, develop, test, and roll-out custom code. Low code is like having a build your own Rube Goldberg kit at your fingertips, with an input block that connects to one or more processing blocks, that connect to an output block. Low code is usually discussed as a solution for the end user - e.g. a business unit that needs novel access to data in the warehouse, or on the development side, a software company or development team can use low code software to assemble new processes and build new applications without the burden of writing code.

Benefits to Low Code Software

Major benefits of the Low Code model include:
- No technical resources required- subject matter experts use Visual Modeling to build software applications or workflows with drag and drop components.
- Re-usable components/building blocks - features are built by string together pre-tested blocks of functionality. These blocks are pre-tested, and reviewed for security, performance, and consistency.
- Quick deployment - low code software allows you to deploy new apps and modify existing apps quickly

Beneficiaries of Low Code Solutions?

Who benefits from low code software? It's a great way for businesses to bypass complex software development by providing reusable components a non-technical resource can string together to accomplish simple tasks. It allows businesses to shrink the size of their technical team and rely on subject matter experts to create their own solutions. But low code applications are best suited for automating or prototyping simple processes (4), not for solving complex problems seen in the govtech sector. The amount of functions, or re-usable components, available are limited, and expanding a function requires specialized coding. Is this the best approach for implementing e-government software, municipal land management software, or community development software and their complex software needs?

What could be better than low code for a government space?

Citizenserve provides comprehensive community development e-government solutions for building and other permits, code enforcement, planning and zoning, business and other licensing and request tracking. Our software includes Complete Customer Care support package, which means we support our customers and the changes they need, for life. For the past 20 years, we've worked to make our software work better for our customers, and we've also made it easier for our staff to manage and configure. Let's see how our software implementation stacks up against the benefits of low code:

Non Technical Resources/Visual Model

With a Citizenserve subscription, you get a whole technical team's expertise during your implementation and to support you after you go live. We'll build your system using highly configurable tools - and if you want to help configure your system, we'll show you how. When you need more advanced features added, just submit a support request and our technical team is there to assist.
- Our knowledgeable staff run implementations and have a weekly shift on support, so they know the software from the implementation and the support side.
- We don't employ hundreds of coders to support our software, we employ a small, dedicated, and capable set of staff who manage our implementations and our support
- We'll work with your subject matter experts to configure your permitting, planning, licensing, and code enforcement processes in an agile process to ensure you receive a software implementation that really works for your community.
- Citizenserve employs a set of skilled implementation managers who both configure citizenserve with our suite of custom fields and file types, but our employees also write custom sql scripts based on our customers business rules, to create a system that feels much closer to "custom" than to "out-of-the-box".
- We'll do the configuration, but we can also train your key users to make simple changes or maintain more complex processes, and we are there to back you up every step of the way.
- All citizenserve users are entitled to unlimited support at no additional cost. Our support team can help with general questions, custom reports, setup changes, training, and implement hundreds of administrative options tailored to your specific needs.
- The benefits of a highly configurable, easy to use system, with the strength and added flexibility of tailored code when you need it. Citizenserve is better than low code for government software.

Re-usable Components/Building Blocks

Citizenserve provides the framework to build the government software your jurisdiction has been dreaming of. We are fully live in hundreds of jurisdictions across the united states, with millions of constituents, business owners, and contractors submitting and paying for their permitting, planning, and licensing applications through our online portals.
- Your software includes an online portal geared to your constituents, contractors, and business owners. We'll only enable the services you want to offer, and each page is easy to configure with details and information specific to your community.
- While many jurisdictions offer building permits, each building permit is unique. With our set of custom field types, you can gather the information you need for your building permits in the format that make the most sense for your jurisdiction.
- We offer configurable workflow routes built from activities sourced from your actual work processes. Use the standard review template, or add a custom checklist to help your reviewers track and manage their work.
- In addition, we offer powerful system conditions that can be triggered by a number of standard work activities - but that check for conditions that match your business rules. This is a powerful advantage that inputs a simple script coded by our implementation team and provides a warning or stop to staff or customers when the condition is met.
- We'll use our highly configurable system to build your e-government solution to fit your needs, including targeted sql code specific to your use case.

Quick Deployment

We can implement your simple code enforcement solution in as little as 6 weeks and your simple permitting solution in as little as 8. We roll out modules one at a time, including your feedback and change requests, and with staff training! This let's your staff and constituents access what's available, and learn as they go. And if you ever need to change your setup, just submit a support request, and we are there to help modify and enhance your system. We complete 85% of our support requests the same day. You'll have continuous process improvement, and access to all of our latest enhancement.

Community Development Software, Simplified

The system is fully configurable, meaning you can configure the software to meet your requirements rather than changing your processes to meet an inflexible municipal software package. Citizenserve offers integrated solutions for permitting software, planning & zoning software, code enforcement software, request tracking software and business licensing software, including health inspection software, rental registration software, and contractor licensing software.
Our online citizen portal makes it easy for your applicants to submit the right application and supporting documentation, make online payments, and track the status of their submission. With our configurable workflows and tools, your staff can quickly complete reviews and communicate electronically with the applicant. Request a demo today to see how citizenserve’s flexible, configurable solution can meet the needs of your municipality and constituents. Citizenserve: community development software, simplified.

Scroll down and enter your contact info below to Request a Live Demo - we'd love to show you how Citizenserve is better than low code software in the government space.

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