What is GovTech and Why Do Governments Need It

GovTech, the smashup word combining government and technology, is defined by The World Banks as "... a whole-of-government approach to digitalization that promotes simple, transparent and efficient government. This new phrase may eventually replaced the term e-Government - here's a short article on this: What is eGovernment?. GovTech supports digital transformation to deliver simple, transparent and universally accessible services, promote civic participation, accountability and trust, and modernize core government operations" 1. Citizenserve community development software offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to municipal community development needs. Whether you implement just one solution, or the whole suite, citizenserve will transform your digital processes and allow you to deliver simple, transparent, and accessible services to your constituents and your staff.

Examples of GovTech

The following saas offerings present the ideal GovTech solution, delivering simple, transparent, and efficient GovTech solutions. When launched as a suite, they offer local town, village, city, state, and other municipal offices comprehensive, integrated, transparent, and accessible digital community development solutions for:

  • Online Permitting Software - allows contractors and citizens to apply and pay for permits online, while municipalities can review, request additional information, approve, and issue the permit online.
  • Online Licensing Software - business owners can manage single or multiple licenses through a central portal. And renewals are a breeze with citizenserve's renewal process.  Send renewals, letters, late notices and more using our digital tools.
  • Online Code Enforcement Software - brings transparency and coherence to municipal code enforcement.  Citizens can submit online code complaints, system conditions based on municipal business rules can prevent multiple complaints from being passed to staff.  Staff can manage enforcement cases digitally, storing contacts, letters, and photographs in the cloud.
  • Online Planning and Zoning Software - enables the planning and development departments to offer, track, and manage their applications digitally.
  • Online Request Tracking Software - provides digital processing of citizen requests.  Whether for public records, to pick up bulky items, or to report a new pothole - online request tracking provides transparency, oversight, and reporting for both staff and citizens.
  • Online Citizen Portal - the central location for all submitted applications and requests.  The online portal also provides specific information about your municipal processes, resources for your constituents, such as search, reporting, and requirements documents, and the ability to pay fees online.

Benefits of GovTech

  • Simple - from a single source of information like the Online Citizen Portal, to consistent user experience across different user groups and departments, GovTech replaces complicated processes with simple digital services.
  • Transparent - constituents and staff receive the benefit of information - about processes, timelines, and project statuses.
  • Efficient - hand in hand with simplifying processes, successful GovTech will remove redundancies, reduce turnaround time through automated routing and processes, and increase overall efficiency.
  • Universally Accessible - GovTech makes government services accessible to all.
  • Increase Civic Participation, Accountability, and Trust - GovTech initiatives creates new avenues of engagement through digital channels, from offering constituents avenues to report issues, to allowing citizens to run reports of important community information, to offering regional notices of important area projects.
  • Modernize Core Government Operations - GovTech applies a wholistic approach to replace antiquated paper processes with cutting edge digital tools and services. check out this article on Easy Steps Your Government Can Take To Go Paperless to see how citizenserve can help modernize your core government operations. Citizenserve can also show you How to automate your business license renewal process, which will improve the user experience of the business owners in your municipality. For more modernization ideas, check out these 6 steps local governments can take to streamline online request tracking. And click to read more about why your government should implement online permitting software. And for your code enforcement efforts, read more about the benefits of online code enforcement software.

Why Government Software Saves Time & Money

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Bring Your Government into the Digital Age with Citizenserve

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