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Application Configuration Features – Q&A

The following questions were included in a formal Permitting and Land Management System Request for Information from a city of about 62,500 residents.  Read our responses below for more information about some of the Application Configuration features included in Citizenserve's e-government software solution.

1.2     Application Configuration

1.2.1. Business rules and workflows must be quickly adaptable to business requirements and changes. Describe the solution’s workflow configuration and change capabilities. Provide a simple diagram of the workflow engine or configuration tool process.

Citizenserve Response: All file types support one or more workflows.  A workflow is a collection of activity types that are completed in a certain order.  Workflows can be configured in any combination of parallel or sequential activities.  The following video demonstration contains a short overview of workflows in Citizenserve:

1.2.2. Describe the solution’s scalability and flexibility to accommodate future needs; this includes future growth and the addition of other departments’ permitting needs or services.

Citizenserve Response: Any new department or sub-departments can be created at any time.  These departments can create their own permit types, license types, file types, case types, etc. on-the-fly in production without effecting any other departments.  The Citizenserve subscription provides for unlimited storage, bandwidth, processing power and support.

1.2.3. Describe the solution’s ability to provide granular role-based management for screen access, rights, and privileges so staff views the information relevant to them, and not additional tabs or other information they use less often.

Citizenserve Response: User rights are based on roles developed at the organization, department and sub-department levels.  The following video demonstration covers information on user rights and the following screenshot illustrates the rollup of rights for a specific user.

1.2.4. Does the solution support sending email and text messages to provide status and update information?

Citizenserve Response: Yes, email notification options can be set up in many areas of the software, as well as in merge reports that merge lists and send template communications out.  Text messaging is also supported.  For example, sending a contractor or applicant a template email when a permit status changes is easy to configure.

1.2.5. What are the three most common changes requested post implementation?

Citizenserve Response: The Citizenserve subscription includes unlimited support.  This includes setting up new permit types, license types, or file types; changes in configuration; training; custom report creation; changes in workflows; changes in fees; etc.  After customers go live there are ongoing improvements with each Citizenserve implementation.  As a Software-as-a-Service solution we are committed to helping our customers better serve their constituents and have provided unlimited support with the software since inception.  The following video is an overview of the Citizenserve support:

e-Government Permitting Software – Configuration

System Overview - Features, functions, configuration, look/feel, reporting:

  1. Citizenserve modules (00:56)
  2. Subscription based support model (2:31)
  3. Citizen portal (7:30)
  4. Portal reports (8:10)
  5. Portal configuration (14:02)
  6. Submit Permit Application (24:50)
  7. Notification Matrix (30:41)
  8. Staff Home Page Configuration (32:17)
  9. Review of Permit Application from Staff Side (36:36)
  10. Alerts + Standing Conditions (36:56)
  11. New Staff Portal Interface (37:33)
  12. Automated Workflow Route (40:20)
  13. Staff Questions:
    1. Can security be set to prevent users from deleting files from system (41:44)
    2. Can you have custom fields by license type? (43:30)
  14. Citizenserve reporting (44:04)
  15. Powerful Search Tool (44:25)
  16. Question: Do you tie into active directory for authentication? (54:30)

Code Enforcement Software Florida

Overview of New Florida Customer Online Portal, Code Enforcement, and Fire Review/Inspection 

  • configurable online portal for citizen access
  • search online data
  • review submitted code complaint
  • chart, list, map reports available through portal
  • online portal configuration- text changes
  • new user registration
  • submit an online complaint
    • address validation against parcel data
  • submit online permit application
    • custom fields
    • configurable
    • unlimited permit types
    • unlimited submittal documents
  • Citizenserve administrative portal Community Improvement staff access
    • code complaint case file review
    • review file activities and tools
    • GIS map and zoning layer integration - interactive map views
    • access property history file
    • access parent property file
    • complete online complaint review
    • schedule inspection
  • review inspections on map
  • complete code complaint inspection
    • take pictures from phone or tablet or update files
    • add violations - single or multiple violation entry
      • filterable violation list
      • enter by code number or code description
      • automatic follow up inspection scheduling
    • view property alerts
    • historic districts
    • generate notice of violation with photos and violations
  • review Documents tab to see all related items
  • add notes to file - to log call from complainant
  • review events logged on history tab
  • add alert to file property or contact
  • close case file and add disposition
    • closed files can be locked for further editing
  • Add fees or lien to code case file
    • add partial payment against lien
  • lien tracking - integrate with other systems or send report
    • multiple fee types can be added to lien
  • defaults to use Google maps, GIS integration option
  • fire plan review and fire inspection
    • review related permit application
    • access to markup document tool
    • review of comment book - central list of commonly used inspection comments filterable by user, department, activity, etc.
    • load comments from prior inspection activity
    • send fire inspection report (unlimited email templates)