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311 Request Tracking Software

See how citizenserve delivers 311 Request Tracking software to communities like yours. This video covers citizen portal features, submitting and tracking a request, then an overview of the staff side of citizenserve, including admin features.

Our cloud-based, integrated, community development software provides multiple solutions to Village, Town, City and County governments. In addition to request tracking software, we offer building permit software, fire permits and fire inspection software, business licensing software, including contractor licensing software, health inspection software, and rental registration software, plus planning & zoning software, and code enforcement software solutions. Your subscription also includes an online citizen portal. Keep exploring our site to find pricing information, scroll way down to the end of this page to request your live demo, or to see how we can support your community development needs.

Visit Customer Profiles to see how our customers are putting our permitting software for governments to work for their communities.

Go here - Yavapai County Community Development Innovates their Online Services - to see how one Arizona County implemented citizenserve. And then scroll down to the bottom of this page and request your free live demo today. And you'll see how citizenserve can provide 311 Request Tracking software, as well as our whole community development suite to communities like yours.

New Release FAQs

All customers will be upgraded to the new release by June 2023. Between now and then, you may receive an email notifying you of an earlier upgrade date - do nothing to accept the upgrade date, or submit a support request to postpone your site's upgrade.
Our New Release delivers our community development software suite in a completely revamped format. With an updated layout, condensed menus, additional metrics, and over 150 customer requests, the New Release is a major upgrade to an already robust system.
As always, systemwide enhancements are included in your software subscription. There is no charge to upgrade to the New Release.
Check out these short feature videos:
- User Options in the New Release.
- Citizenserve New Release Main Menu.
- Citizenserve New Release - Dashboard Review.

For more examples of the New Release see these longer Demonstrations:
- Cloud-Based Permitting Software Overview- New Release!.
- New Release Sneak Peek.

And check back for more videos coming to the New Release Live Demos Category soon.

Yes! Log into your citizenserve account and submit a request to inquire about the New Release.
  1. Learn about the New Release
    1. Review these New Release Videos.
    2. SUBMIT A REQUEST to INQUIRE about the New Release.
    3. Attend high-level demo of the new release - bring super users and decision makers!
    4. Super-users: try out your site in the New Release - send questions/report issues through support!
  2. When Ready to Upgrade: SUBMIT A REQUEST to UPGRADE to the New Release.
    1. Support will meet with you to review proposed enhancements for your site.
    2. On Customer approval: your site and portal are upgraded to New Release.
    3. Support implements proposed enhancements.
No, new features must be added to your site after upgrade. Support will evaluate your site and make enhancement suggestions before you upgrade.
New features, such as the CUT field must be added to your site after upgrade. Support will evaluate your site and make enhancement suggestions before you upgrade.
Please log into your citizenserve account and submit your question as a Support Request.
The top menu tools are now in the left pane under File Options.
- Map (directly under File Options)
- Property History - this tool replaces the Other Files folder (Second item under File Options)
- View Property Information - (expand the View Menu and click on the Binoculars)
Under File Options in the Left Pane, expand the View Menu, then pick File History.
Yes! The New Release was reconfigured to be responsive - and it's still device and browser-independent.