Monthly Archives: April 2022

Citizenserve Features

Check out these short videos that highlight some of the great new features available in the latest citizenserve software release. You must upgrade to the new release before adding these features. Have the decision-maker for your municipality contact Support Center to request your upgrade - we'll demonstrate these features and identify areas to be enhanced, all within our Complete Customer Care Program. [row_in] [span3]Automatic Emails[/span3][span5][vimeo-embed id="711283258"][/span5] [/row_in] [hr]  [row_in] [span3]Resubmittals[/span3][span5][vimeo-embed id="723446701"][/span5] [/row_in] [hr]  [row_in] [span3]Single Item Metrics[/span3][span5][vimeo-embed id="680953798"][/span5] [/row_in] [hr]   [row_in] [span3]Collapsible Headers[/span3][span5][vimeo-embed id="691000567"][/span5] [/row_in] [hr]  [row_in] [span3]CUT Fields[/span3][span5][vimeo-embed id="703819853"][/span5] [/row_in] [hr]