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Fire Permit Software

Citizenserve offers the best online fire permit software as just one solution in our community development software suite. Check out this demonstration to a community in the midwest to see how our online permitting software works.

Besides online fire permits, citizenserve supports a full range of fire inspection services, from annual fire and safety inspections, to fire inspections for business license applications, citizenserve offers a configurable solution to track and manage municipal fire permits and inspections. Checkout our Fire Permits and Fire Inspections solutions page for more information.

Citizenserve's community development software offers solutions for permitting software, business licensing software, planning and zoning software, code enforcement software, request tracking software and more.

Scroll down and enter your contact information to request a live demo, or continue to explore our community development software solutions to see how citizenserve can help you today!

6 Steps Local Governments Can Take to Streamline Online Request Tracking

Public requests, FOIA requests, and other municipal requests can require a significant amount of staff time to process. Online request tracking systems offers numerous solutions to reduce staff workload, increase response times, and improve customer experience. Here are 6 steps your local government can take to streamline online request tracking: 1. Provide good request types to correctly categorize requests. Broad request type categories, like 'public records request' or 'public health issue' help your constituents easily identify the subject of their request. Use narrower sub-types to track the specific type of public records request - whether for code enforcement or permitting data. Sub-types provide a next level of…