6 Steps Local Governments Can Take to Streamline Online Request Tracking

Public requests, FOIA requests, and other municipal requests can require a significant amount of staff time to process. Online request tracking systems offers numerous solutions to reduce staff workload, increase response times, and improve customer experience. Here are 6 steps your local government can take to streamline online request tracking:

1. Provide good request types to correctly categorize requests.

Broad request type categories, like 'public records request' or 'public health issue' help your constituents easily identify the subject of their request. Use narrower sub-types to track the specific type of public records request - whether for code enforcement or permitting data. Sub-types provide a next level of detail and help in routing requests more specifically.

2. Flag, link, or prevent duplicate requests

Flag potential duplicate requests, link related requests, or prevent duplicate requests at the submittal form. Using these tools reduce staff workload and streamline government response to citizens.

3. Automate request routing

Manually assigned requests rely on human intervention. Tasks assignments are subject to employee schedules, vacations, and easily create a backlog. Ensure that your online request system automatically routes requests to the appropriate department or individual. Citizenserve's request tracking software solution offers automatic route assignment and more.

4. Automate notifications

Online request tracking software will notify your constituents when their request was successfully received, when it is completed, and at any important milestones along the way. Ensure your automated notifications provide helpful information about what the requestor can expect.

5. Use metrics and reports for analysis

Metrics and reports provide information on which request types are received the most, how quickly those requests are resolved, and which staff are completing the most requests. Citizenserve's complete customer care model includes unlimited reports.

6. Re-evaluate time consuming processes

Armed with the data in your online request tracking system, you can identify the most time intensive processes. Evaluate each step in the process and identify bottlenecks, then work to ease the bottleneck and make that step more efficient.

Citizenserve's integrated community development software offers all of the above solutions in our request tracking software. From online submission, automatic routing, and reporting. But did you know we also offer building permit software, business licensing software, planning and zoning software, code enforcement software, and more?

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