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Audit Remote or Virtual Inspections

With citizenserve's community development software, it's easy to audit remote or virtual inspections. If you are a Citizenserve customer, contact us to help you start an audit process. However, if you are not yet a customer, continue reading or request a live demo at the bottom of this form.

1. Use a report or metric to view inspections to audit. Your subscription includes a number of standard reports, but our support desk is just a click away. Remember, your citizenserve subscription includes unlimited report writing.
Inspection Audit Metric showing different inspection types

2. Next, Open the metric to view Pending Remote Inspection Requests. Then choose an inspection to audit. Metrics are a graphical report and display helpful information about your processes. Citizenserve customers request new metrics through our integrated Support Center.
List of Live Remote Inspeciton data

3.  Then simply change the Virtual or Remote inspection type to Field Audit.Inspection type dropdown with Field Audit inspection type highlighted

4. Next, assign the task to the appropriate inspector.  

5.  Update the inspection date and time.

6. Finally, send an email from the activity to notify the contractor.

For help implementing a field audit in your citizenserve build, log into citizenserve and click the Support Center link, then 'Submit a Request'. However, if you'd like to learn more about how citizenserve can support your community development effort, keep reading!

About Citizenserve

Citizenserve is cloud-based community development software, and we configure our software to meet your needs. We offer solutions for online Building Permits, Business Licenses, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, and Requests. Explore our site and see how we support community development. Schedule a live demo in the form at the bottom of the screen and we'll help you get started today.

Citizenserve's Highly Configurable Software

Citizenserve configures your software with custom fields. We gather any information you need to manage your community development projects. Citizenserve software includes modules for Permitting, Licensing, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, Request Tracking, and a Citizens portal. Citizens submit applications, make payments, upload documents or send messages from the portal. The system notifies staff so no work is lost. Staff track review activities, notify applicants, track payments, and issue permits or licenses. Field inspectors perform inspections on-site using our cloud-based software. Citizenserve's integrated modules let you view all files related to an address.

Citizenserve in the news

See how Alachua County, Florida migrated their Building Department to Citizenserve.

Remote Video Inspections

Citizenserve supports pre-recorded inspections or live remote video inspections. Contact citizenserve today to see how we can you offer your community development efforts from a safe social distance. Contractors request a remote video inspection through Cthe Citizen Portal. They can download instructions and upload their video recording. Or they can upload a link to the recorded video inspection right from the inspection request form. Citizenserve is device and browser-independent and includes a host of communication and workflow management tools. Municipal inspectors review the video from their device and they log comments in the activity window. Inspectors can ask for clarification in email or can complete the inspection and send an inspection report.

This is just one-way Citizenserve's cloud-based software supports remote work and safe social distancing for your municipal staff, contractors, business owners, and citizens. Schedule your demo at the bottom of this screen today.

About Citizenserve

Citizenserve is a cloud-based community development software suite. We configure our software to meet your needs. We also offer solutions for online Building Permits, Business Licenses, Development Projects, Code Enforcement, and Requests. Explore our site see how we support community development - schedule a live demo, and we'll help get you started today.

Project Implementation Strategy

We use an agile implementation strategy and we work closely with our customers to configure their site to their needs. The Engagement Manager demonstrates new development work and gathers user feedback during weekly walk-through meetings. It's vital that each user test and play in the system after the weekly meeting. During this hands-on time, the user confirms the system works as expected, or uncovers any edge cases that should be addressed. Then the Engagement Manager incorporates user feedback and demonstrates new functionality during the next meeting. This process repeats until the user confirms the system works as desired. Finally, it's time to train system users and go live. We'll coordinate training sessions with different staff groups to get everyone ready to go-live.

Citizenserve in the news

See how Alachua County, Florida migrated their Building Department to Citizenserve.

Explain the backup process of our data, is it stored off site, etc.?

Citizenserve community development software is hosted in two main data centers. One in the Southwest, the other in the Northeast. Both data centers have a 100% up time service level agreement (SLA). These data centers are also SSAE 16 complaint and audited by a public accounting firm. Application and database servers are continuously replicated. Data backups are maintained indefinitely in a perpetual archive in the event it is necessary to retrieve data that may have been deleted at a point in time. A third disaster recovery location is also maintained in the event of a system-wide failure with the data centers. Citizenserve has a 13 year history maintaining 99.99+% up time.

Modular E-Government Data Center

Citizenserve Data Center

Does your firm complete the implementations of the product being proposed or is this effort outsourced?

All Citizenserve implementation and support staff are full-time employees of the company. Your implementation staff will also be the support staff you will be working with on a long-term basis. We have found it beneficial to have people familiar with your permitting and licensing processes to be involved with ongoing support. So continuity in who you are working with is a positive aspect of the Citizenserve approach.