Benefits of Online Code Enforcement Software

If your code enforcement department is paper-based, you may be neck-deep in paperwork. Have you considered the benefits of online code enforcement software? From enabling citizens to submit online complaints to automated templates that streamline notifications, to system-generated emails, to integration with parcel records and contacts, and the ability to collect fees online, moving your code enforcement program online will save your officers time and effort, and provides transparency to your citizens. Read on for details on the benefits of online code enforcement software.

1. Receive Complaints Electronically

With an online code enforcement software program, your citizens can submit complaints and track the status of those complaints through an Online Citizen Portal.

2. Cite Violations Easily

Once your violations are online, officers can filter by section to view and cite violations quickly and easily. Good programs will show your officers a list of violations and their status, so it's easy to see which items need attention. See how citizenserve can automate your Code Enforcement Inspection Entry process.

3. Digital Photograph Handling

Use the best feature of your mobile device - your camera, to document violations and upload them to your case. Citizenserve's online Code Enforcement software handles an unlimited number of photo uploads, and stores them indefinitely in our secure and reliable cloud.

4. Automated Re-Inspection Activities

Select an online code enforcement system that automates re-inspection activities based on follow-up dates set by your inspectors. Take the burden off your inspectors and help them stay on top of their busy workload with automatic re-inspection scheduling.

5. Automated Notification Templates

It's easy to generate official warning letters, notices, and even citations with a municipal code enforcement software program. Your templates are built into the system and they are available for the officer to select when needed. These templates can pull in the inspection date, and violation details, as well as property ownership or tenant information.

6. System-Generated Emails

Online Code Enforcement systems can automate your notification process. Email templates are sent to the complainant when a complaint is submitted online, and automated emails can be sent at different milestones of the case - such as when the status changes, or when the case is closed. System-generated emails save staff time and effort and keep your constituents up-to-date on case progress.

7. GIS Integration/Mapping Features

When GIS data is integrated with your online code enforcement software, you'll have access to property and parcel data in the office or out in the field. Your constituents can select an accurate complaint address from your system, saving your employees time and effort.

8. Integration with Community Development Efforts

A final, yet huge, benefit of online code enforcement software is the ability to integrate with your other community development services. Your code enforcement software should talk to your licensing software, so as you process a new license you can tell whether the business location has any open issues. It should also integrate with your permit software, so you can see whether they started work without a permit.

How Citizenserve Can Help You with Online Code Enforcement Software and More...

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