Permitting Software for Governments

Not just Permitting Software for Governments!

Watch this demo to see how citizenserve offers permitting software for governments, and much more. In this video, we'll review the integrated Online Citizen Portal, where we'll submit and pay for a permit application. Then we'll review the project from the portal. Next, we'll move to the Staff side where we'll intake and review the permit. Then we'll use our document markup tool to markup a plan set, and we'll discuss workflow options. Watch as we issue a permit and then view it from the citizen portal. Then we'll request an inspection, and complete it on site from a mobile device. Next, we'll review a planning and zoning project, and discuss our code enforcement module.

Our cloud-based integrated community development software provides multiple solutions to Village, Town, City and County governments. In addition to online permitting software, we offer licensing, development, code enforcement, and request tracking solutions. Your subscription also includes an online citizen portal. Keep exploring our site to find pricing information, to request your live demo, or to see how we can support your community development needs.

Visit Customer Profiles to see how our customers are putting our permitting software for governments to work for their communities.

Visit Yavapai County Community Development Innovates their Online Services to see how one Arizona County implemented citizenserve. And then scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your contact information to request your live demo today. And you'll see how citizenserve can provide permitting software for governments, plus much more.

And check out this live demo recording to see citizenserve Fire Permit Software in action.