Online Permit Applications

Municipalities already utilizing citizenserve’s online portal e-government solutions report that over 80% of their total permit applications are handled completely online.

Many municipalities across the United States still use either entirely paper-based, or only partial online solutions systems. Citizens and contractors have to download, print and manually fill out applications before submitting them to city hall in person. Employees then have to manually enter the documents, which reduces efficiency while extending processing time for all parties. Because of the overwhelming amount of time and effort involved in this process, contractors, citizens and even employees want a more efficient and effective permit solution.

  • Transition your permit applications from the front counter to an online portal
  • Get up and running in as little as 3 months
  • 86% of municipalities report an increase in customer service as a result of their online service offerings

Citizenserve’s cloud-computing e-government online portal is the answer to both their, and all of your wants and needs. Citizenserve provides expediency and efficiency for all facets of the building process. Our interactive, user friendly, and fully configurable permit application solution garners an immediate and sustained increase in online applications and renewals. The result is valuable time savings for local citizens and contractors—while employees enjoy less phone and counter time, thus allowing them to better service their customers’ needs.