Single Item Metrics

Take a very personal slice out of the unassigned task list! Use single item metrics to deliver a filtered list of just the work you need to see. Some jurisdictions use it to reassign tasks when an employee is out sick. Can you think of a great use for the new Single Item Metric? Make it real by submitting a support request today!

Hi! This is Misha from citizenserve. Today let's talk about the Unassigned Queue and Single Item Metrics in the new release. Citizenserve support can create a custom unassigned metric for you and it's configurable. Yyou can decide which field you'd like to see and citizenserve can control what tasks are listed. If you only do Footing Inspections - let us create a queue for your Footing Inspections. There'll be no more need to filter tasks.

There are standard Unassigned Queues for Inspections and Review Activities. To add them:
- go to your Home page
- click Add Metric
- select a Single Item Metric and then
- Select Unassigned Inspections or Unassigned Reviews and then
- Save.

If you'd like a more customized queue, please submit a support request and our team will set it up for you. Support requests are included in your subscription. You select the Category of the request and provide details, then save. We'll get back to you right away [Music]

Now let's add our new Single Item Metric for Footing Inspections to our home page - and now we can claim our first task. And that's how a new Single Item Metric can help you manage your workload.

Now let's see how one customer is using the new single item metric to reassign tasks! Gainesville, Florida needed an easy way to reassign inspections when an employee was out sick. With a request to citizenserve Support they received a single item metric for today's scheduled inspections. [Music] The list is sorted alphabetically by inspector name, so it's easy to reassign one person's inspections to other staff member. If you'd like something like this, or if you can think of another way a Single Item Metric can help you manage your workload, submit a Support Request and we'll get right on it. We want you to get the most out of your software so check back for next month's new release feature video and thanks for watching