How Complete Customer Care Helps You

Citizenserve complete customer care is the most complete support package in the cloud-computing, e-government solutions industry. Your municipality’s annual subscription cost includes unlimited, comprehensive, personalized, timely and thorough customer care courtesy of our expert technicians and support specialists. There are no blackout dates, or days off. From simple to technical and everywhere in between, citizenserve’s customer care specialists ensure every request is handled with the service, support and seriousness you deserve.


Once you make the decision to come onboard with citizenserve, your account representative will guide you though a simple yet thorough checklist of all the information you will need to get started. He or she will answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide you with access to a secure ftp site to upload all the necessary information.


Based on the information provided, your account representative will format a citizenserve configuration. This includes work with outside parties as needed for data migration, systems integration and setting up your payment processor. At that time, they will also arrange weekly meetings, in order to be able to regularly review and modify your citizenserve configuration to best meet your needs.


Once setup is complete, you and your staff will receive all necessary individual and/or small group training. Training sessions are 100% hands-on, and focus on each staff member’s primary job function. Some users might need extra help, and that’s fine with us—because we will schedule as many training sessions as needed to ensure that everyone is comfortable using citizenserve.


Our complete customer care program ensures that once go live, you continue to receive all the help you need to make it, and your municipality, successful. All citizenserve users are entitled to unlimited support at no additional cost. Our support team can help with general questions, custom reports, setup changes, training, and implement hundreds of administrative options tailored to your specific needs.