Manage resubmittals quickly and easily with the new portal Resubmittal feature. This new features allows your applicants to see review comments from the portal – either at an activity level, or consolidated at the end of the review process. Applicants can also resubmit plans directly from the review activity in the portal. These features will streamline your review process while making tracking even easier.

Hi, this is Misha from citizenserve. This video is on the new portal Resubmittal feature. The new resubmit plans feature on your citizen portal streamlines the resubmittal process and gives you better tracking of resubmittal timelines. Let's see how it works.

Let's review this permit submission from the citizen portal. From the reviews tab, you see all activities in the workflow. Note- they're all in pending status. Now, let's login as Morgan and complete the first activity in the workflow. Let's imagine the applicant uploaded an encrypted PDF. Let's add a comment. And when we complete the activity, it will notify the applicant automatically. The applicant receives an email like this in their inbox and when they return to the reviews tab on the portal, they see a view comments link. When they follow the link, they'll see the reviewers comments. And they can also resubmit plans directly to the reviewer. So let's upload some unencrypted plans, and now we'll submit.

Morgan receives the resubmitted plans as a task called 'Online Resubmittal' on her task list. This is different from the 'Online Document Upload' activity, which is triggered when the applicant uploads documents from the permit project on the portal. So let's open this 'Online Resubmittal' activity. Note, it includes the plan set which is also added to the Documents Tab, and this activity also appears on the Reviews Tab for all staff to see. This setup allows resubmittal at each step of your workflow, and it works great for smaller jurisdictions.

An alternative setup option allows resubmittal only at the end of your workflow - such as at the review complete activity. This prevents the applicant from resubmitting plans until all reviews are complete. This setup works great for larger jurisdictions.

To add the Resubmit Plans button to every step in your workflow:
- In Administration, select your Department,
- and then choose the Activity Lookup Type.
- Open the activity in your workflow.
- Set 'Show Review Comments' to display internally and on the portal. This will trigger The View comments link.
- Then select 'Allow Plan Resubmittal' on this task.
- Save your changes, and then repeat this step on every activity in your workflow.

After you complete your steps, your constituents can resubmit their plans at each step of the workflow process you just updated.

To enable resubmittal only at the end of your workflow process:
- in Administration, select your Department and
- under the Activity Lookup Type, select the last activity on your workflow.
- Set 'Show Review Comments' to Display Internally and on the Portal.
- Check 'Allow Plan Resubmittal' on this task and
- also check 'Display All Route Comments' under this activity. This will include all reviewer comments on this view of the activity in the portal.
- And make sure to save your changes.

Now when portal users click the view comments link on the last step in the workflow, they'll see all reviewer comments, and they'll be able to resubmit their plans from that activity window in the portal.

If you're ready for citizenserve to set up your resubmittal options, please submit a support request and we'll get started. And if you haven't upgraded to the new release yet submit a support request for that and we'll work with you to get your site upgraded. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for our next feature video.