Workflow Management

One of the many benefits of the citizenserve software is the flexibility of our workflow management. Every municipality has their own unique processes and citizenserve can be configured to support all of them. Our configurable workflow routes allow you to specify tasks for each person or department based on the requirements for the specific application. Some routes may be quite simple – just a quick review and issuance. Others may be quite complex, requiring multiple review cycles, board or public hearings, or alternate routes based on specific criteria. We also support concurrent or consecutive reviews, or a mixture of both, which allows a single user to perform a completeness check before advancing the application or plan check to multiple departments or users for review. We offer highly-configurable task-assignment routes for new applications, as well as numerous tools to help track permits, licenses, and registrations throughout their lifecycle.


Branson, MO’s building permits require multiple review cycles. Reviewer comments are collected and sent to the applicant at the end of each cycle. Each review cycle has an associated status and included activities can be collapsed to view summary data, or expanded to view details. The review cycles continues until all reviewers have approved.


Clifton Park, NY’s Planning Department has an extensive plan review processes broken into multiple phases. In each phase, the application is automatically scheduled for a hearing based on pre-determined criteria and an annual hearing calendar. Whether your workflow route has two or twenty activities, citizenserve provides clarity and efficiency to your process.


Peoria, AZ does not require a manual review of Temporary Parking Permits. As soon as the application is submitted, the system automatically verifies the application based on set parameters and emails a copy of their permit card if approved.

Citizenserve automation reduces busywork and increases productivity. We offer a host of built-in and customizable tools to help streamline your processes, such as: individual email templates, automated notices tied to status updates, mass email communications, generated permit cards, map reports, reconciliation reports, and summary reports.


Duck, NC uses a combination of metrics and home-page reports to keep track of their building permits that are going through inspections or have passed final and are ready for a CO. The reports allow you to filter the results as needed with modifiable parameters, such as a date range or checklist of specific permit types.

The permit and license process rarely stops after issuance. To help track these records throughout their lifecycle, we offer configurable dashboards with metrics and reports specific to your needs. Your customized dashboard allows you to easily monitor your tasks at a glance.

“Our goal is to streamline your permitting/licensing lifecycle, making both your job and your customers’ lives easier. By using citizenserve, our customers see an average of 50% decrease in review times*. ”

– Reese Pratt, Senior Implementation Manager

*Comparing average Q1 2022 and Q1 2023 review times for customers acquired in 2021