Schedule Inspection from Unassigned Tasks

Learn how to schedule inspections from the Unassigned Tasks List.

Hi, this is Misha from citizenserve today. I'm going to show you how to schedule an inspection from the unassigned task list.

We'll start on Edge dashboard here. We're looking at the unassign tasks. You can filter on any column that has a drop-down Arrow. Filter with the show all options, which is under the hamburger lips in the top right of your window. But here's a tip use the filter bars to filter just by clicking on a category. You can clear the filter by clicking the filter bar title.

Did you know you can see your unassigned tasks on a map? Any filters you set on your task list will translate to the map view. So let's just look at inspections. Access to the map is also available under the ellipses. We'll select map view. To assign a task. Click the map pin. I can assign it to myself using this checkbox, or I can assign it to another staff member by clicking on the dropdown. Save your changes. And save to shut the view.

Assigning tasks is easy from the unassigned task list. Use the checkbox to assign a task to yourself. Use the drop-down to assign it to another staff member. Or you can even access multiple calendars by clicking The View Calendar's ellipses. From this window you can also change assignment. It defaults to you, but I can enter another user's name. Note that the assignment is made on your unassigned task list, but you'll need to save this list to make the assignment permanent.

And that's how you schedule an inspection from the unassign task list. For additional training in your citizen service environment just submit a support request for a training session and list the topics you'd like us to cover. Thanks for watching this training video. We look forward to hearing from you.