Schedule New Inspection

Learn how to schedule a new inspection in citizenserve.

Hi, this is Misha from citizenserve today. I'm going to show you how to schedule a new inspection by adding an inspection activity to your project. This feature applies to permit projects licensing projects and planning projects too. Here we are on Ed's homepage.

Let's start by selecting the quick search icon. It's the magnifying glass. I'll enter part of the description for my permit. You can also enter the front or the end of the file number or permit number or even the parcel number then press enter or click the search button. Since this is the only file with the description I entered the quick search takes me directly to the permit. Now I can add an inspection directly from the permit by selecting the schedule inspection icon. That's the calendar for files with multiple permits. This also ensures your inspection is associated with the intended permit.

Let's start filling out our inspection form. Each department has their own set of inspections. So start by selecting or confirming the department. Since Ed added this inspection his department is set by default. Next we'll pick the inspection type of footing. Note the date and time Fields Now display on the right. You can assign this activity to someone else or you can put it in the unassigned task list. Let's set the date for this inspection. The ellipses at the end of the date field opens the calendar view. Click the view multiple calendars box to see the calendars of when user type in this case inspectors. You can also set your time in this view. Just make sure to save your changes. You can also set the time and assignment directly from the inspection activity form. I'll set the status to scheduled. and now I'll save we can see this appointment on the calendar metric on Ed's dashboard.

And that's how you schedule a new inspection and citizenserve. For additional training in your citizenserve environment just submit a support request for a training session and list the topics you'd like us to cover. Thanks for watching this training video. We look forward to hearing from you.